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How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Personal Injury Law Firm


Do the attorneys at your personal injury law firm have LinkedIn profiles? If not, your firm could be missing out on valuable opportunities to attract new clients and cases. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the social networking sphere. According to its website, LinkedIn has more than 400 million registered members worldwide, which includes more than 122 million LinkedIn members in the United States.

While most people see LinkedIn as a social networking platform for job seekers, headhunters, and individuals who are looking to climb the corporate ladder, it can also be a great law firm marketing tool, when used correctly. LinkedIn is the perfect way for people to find out who your attorneys are and why they’re qualified to handle even the most complex personal injury cases. Below are a few tips for how to use LinkedIn to your firm’s advantage.

Showcase Your Attorneys’ Educational & Professional Achievements

When people search for personal injury attorneys, they look for lawyers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their specific practice areas. LinkedIn is the perfect way to showcase the qualifications of your firm’s lawyers at no cost!

You should ensure that each of your firm's attorneys has a comprehensive LinkedIn profile that emphasizes his or her professional experience, educational achievements, and special training and certifications. It’s also helpful to include links to any articles the attorney has published, or articles that speak highly of his or her work. Each attorney profile should be regularly updated to reflect his or her most recent accomplishments. Remember… the goal is to highlight any information that would establish the lawyer as an authority in his or her field!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

Each of your attorneys’ LinkedIn profiles should feature a professional, high-quality headshot photo. This will add a personal touch, which could help to better establish trust with profile visitors. The lawyer should also make sure to write a compelling summary — a step that many professionals skip. Your summary is the perfect place to highlight your most impressive accomplishments (for those who don’t want to read through your entire profile). It is also a place where you can share your voice and your passion for representing the wrongfully injured.

Interact with Users in LinkedIn Groups

Have your attorneys join LinkedIn groups that focus on personal injury-related topics so they can connect with other users and also bring more exposure to your law firm. For example, there are numerous personal injury lawyer groups with thousands of members, as well as groups that focus on certain areas of personal injury law, such as car accidents and product safety.

By joining LinkedIn groups, your lawyers can stay up-to-date on industry trends, read and post content related to specific topics, and ask and answer questions, which can help establish them as authorities in their legal field. They can also network with other attorneys and professionals who work with injury victims, and even get connected with potential clients, which could potentially lead to referrals and new cases. You never know which connection will lead to your next big case!

Get the Conversation Going by Sharing Relevant Content

Content sharing is another way to engage with LinkedIn users and to establish yourself as an authority within the area of law you practice. You should have your lawyers post articles on personal injury law topics that would interest your firm’s target audience. Furthermore, your lawyers should maintain a healthy balance of sharing their own original content and sharing content written by other professionals and law firms. The attorney can share articles on his or her own personal network, or he or she may even be able to distribute content to a wider audience through Pulse, which is LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Make Your Profile Easy to Find with Keywords

In order to get maximum visibility for your LinkedIn profile, you should incorporate relevant keywords into your LinkedIn profile. A few good places to do this are in your professional headline, job title, and summary. The inclusion of keywords will make it easier for people to find your firm’s attorneys in online searches.

LinkedIn is certainly worth the minimal effort it takes to create and maintain a profile. An hour of your time could lead to a steady stream of profitable business relationships for your firm. If you haven’t done so already, make sure your firm and its attorneys are well-represented on LinkedIn.

For more helpful insights on marketing your law firm online, download this free guide.