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How to Increase Engagement with Your Family Law Firm Through Facebook


According to SocialTimes, 64% of the top 50 law firms in the U.S. have Facebook pages, and they use this platform as a way to engage with current and potential clients alike. When integrated into your overall marketing campaign, social media platforms like Facebook act as effective way to get in front of your audience – and stay there.

How Can Facebook Help Increase Business for My Family Law Firm?

Every great online marketing strategy starts with the basics: research, metrics, and creativity. Here are a few suggestions for utilizing these tactics on your Facebook page:

Know when your audience is active.
Knowing when your target audience uses Facebook most often is a great way to engage with them. No one knows your clientele quite like you do, so use this information to your advantage! Engage with your clients at peak hours. For example, if your divorce clients tend to have free time during the lunch hour, make sure your advertising on Facebook during this time slot.

Quality matters.

The material you post should be relevant and should help position you as an authority in your field. Again, no one knows your clients (and their needs) like you do. Think about what your family law clients care about most. Maybe it’s the cost of divorce in your state; or perhaps they would like information about child custody laws. Take what you know and add it to your Facebook page where you clients can easily access the information. This will help build your authority, credibility, and reliability.

Be consistent.
You don’t have to post five times a day, but you do have to be consistent. Sporadic posts from time to time don’t work well when you’re trying to engage with you audience. You have to be involved. And the more frequent you are, the more accessible you’ll make yourself to your clients. When people know for certain they can find new posts on your Facebook page – particularly posts relevant to the topics they care about – they’ll be more likely to visit your page (and refer it to others) on a regular basis.

Initiate an open forum and encourage online discussions.
An open forum or “lunch and learn” session on Facebook is a great way to engage clients. It can also be an effective tool for reaching people who can refer your family law services to friends and family. Create a post on a popular topic a few days in advance and see how many people tune in to hear what you have to say. This is when you use your other platforms to broadcast your forum to send other interested parties to your Facebook page.

Use clear images and graphics.
We live in an image-driven society, so this is where you need to make it count. Include infographics and other images to get the attention of your visitors. Flow charts, pictures, and graphs that display divorce statistics, child custody laws, division of asset information, etc. can help you convey information to a broader audience.

What Not To Do On Facebook

Just as there are good tactics to use, there are some bad practices that should be avoided.

Don't use spammy posts and advertisements.

This is one of the most important things to remember when engaging with your audience on Facebook. No one likes to be spammed. More likely than not, you’ll end up losing followers because of it. Work naturally to get the followers you desire, and the audience you gain will likely remain loyal from there on out.

Don't take shortcuts.
A number of companies will tell you they can get you likes on your Facebook page, and they’ll charge you a fee to do it. Don’t. Your Facebook page – and your family law firm as a whole – could suffer for it. Instead, invest time and effort into your Facebook page and the benefits will surely unfold. Taking shortcuts will inevitably leave you further from your goal than when you started.

Use these tips and tactics to formulate a viable Facebook marketing strategy for your family law firm. Once you’ve attracted an audience and built a steady following, your business will naturally increase.

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