Lawyer Video Marketing

Attracting the Right Cases with Striking Visuals

Video is the single most powerful form of media to reach visitors today. If your law firm wants exposure to the clients and cases you want, you’ll need video marketing. The combination of visuals and audio to convey information is not only the most efficient—it is by far the most engaging form of content on the internet today, leading to a host of benefits for your law firm.

Trends according to Google and other sources confirm the power of video marketing:

Why Video?

While the average attention span (according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information) is about 9 seconds, a video has the power to engage over half of your viewers for up to 10 times longer. Scorpion provides our clients with industry-leading video marketing services, led by two Emmy Award-winning production professionals. Our team has worked with numerous renowned industry professionals, including Oscar-winning director James Cameron.

Video Production with Scorpion

Scorpion’s video production service has the potential to redefine the way your law firm engages and retains your visitors. More than half of all small businesses have no video content, while over half of all internet traffic involves video—meaning you have the unique opportunity to gain a monumental advantage over your competition through video.

People are visual creatures. We respond to what captivates all of our senses, and that's what makes video such a potentially powerful tool for your firm. It engages users using imagery and sound, providing a message that will linger in the minds of your visitors longer than any competitor's.

What Does Using Video Do for My Firm?

It does a lot! Click below to find out more:

  • Better Marketing Opportunities

  • Longer “Dwell Time”

  • More Conversions & Higher Revenue

Having high-quality, engaging video content will market your law firm more effectively. You can present not only what you do, but who you are. The opportunity to show potential clients your passion for their cause powerfully demonstrates your value as an advocate. In addition, video testimonies from past clients utilizes the two most powerful tools in our marketing toolbox: client reputation and visual engagement.
Your search engine ranking takes into account how long visitors will spend on your website, also known as dwell time. As mentioned above, sites with video content increased their average dwell time by over two minutes. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, consider that the average visitor spends less than a minute on a page before deciding to leave. Videos effectively double your potential dwell time. This increases your Google and Yahoo ranking, which puts you in front of more people who want your help. Scorpion helps your ranking and your video content benefit one another effectively.
About 50% of video viewers take action immediately after watching a video. Think about that. Half of your visitors could potentially contact your firm as a result of watching a video. Higher volumes of contacts and calls means more clients, more cases, and stronger revenue.

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