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The Secret to More Mass Tort Cases: Balancing Offline & Online Marketing


Many mass tort attorneys stick to what they know when marketing their law firms—traditional media such as television ads, radio ads, print ads, and other forms of offline advertising and marketing. It’s understandable why attorneys have gravitated toward these methods: broadcast strategies reach large audiences and are great for building awareness about how the firm can assist potential clients. However, traditional marketing is only part of the equation.

The most effective mass torts marketing plans are those that incorporate both offline and online marketing. Media consumption is no longer compartmentalized. It has become routine for consumers to quickly shift from one device to the next, and even consume media from multiple devices simultaneously.

The Natural Path from Offline to Online Media

Imagine a potential client sees your TV ad for a case involving a faulty medical device. What is the next natural step for someone who is interested in your legal services? Yes, they may immediately pick up the phone and call your firm, but it is more likely that they will first pick up their mobile phone and research topics related to what they just saw in the TV ad.

According to Google, 66% of smartphone users use their phones to look up information they saw in a television commercial.

You need a marketing and advertising plan in place to capture that behavior online. What does that mean? First, it is crucial to have a well-designed, mobile-friendly website that quickly captures visitors’ attention and compels them to contact your firm.

Second, it is equally as important to have a leading presence in search engines, meaning your firm appears in the top paid and organic search results for your most important search terms. These are the terms your target audience will be using to perform their online research.

Third, you should think about how to capture the attention of the right audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can use both organic posts and paid placements to keep your law firm at the forefront of potential clients’ minds and even directly engage with your target audience.

The Power of Digital by the Numbers

If you are not sure why digital marketing is important and how it fits into your offline marketing, check out these numbers:

More Successful Mass Torts Marketing with Scorpion

If you are interested in giving your firm a competitive advantage when it comes to effective and measurable mass tort campaigns, we would like you to consider Scorpion as your partner. We have a team of experienced legal marketing specialists and the most innovative web technology to help you attract more cases from the Internet.

We also recently announced a partnership with the Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG) to help law firms like yours gain more momentum from their offline campaigns through the use of data-driven online marketing.

Want to know what Scorpion can do to give your mass torts marketing a more competitive edge? Read this.