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How to Apply Intangibles to Your Online Marketing Campaign


In economics, products fall into one of two categories: goods or services. But what if a product doesn't really fit into either of these molds? What if the simple "goods vs. services" comparison doesn't illustrate every facet of your product? Sometimes, spotting the difference between a good and service is easy. A car, for example, is a tangible good. On the other hand, repairing the car is a service. It's intangible. Other products blur the line between goods and services (tangibles and intangibles). Online marketing is a good example of this fact.

How will intangibles influence your online marketing campaign?

Instead of compartmentalizing products into "goods" and "services," imagine that they fall somewhere along an "intangible vs. tangible" gradient. In reality, all products involve some level of intangibility. A clear understanding of this concept is especially important for online marketing because selling a product through a website hinges on intangibles. It is an intangible experience.

If a potential customer is searching for a service online, he / she doesn't have the advantage of encountering the service in a tangible way prior to purchasing it. Even tangible products are difficult to experience before purchase. Food, for example, is sold through packaging and advertisement, not an actual customer experience. In the same way, services and products sold online are essentially a promise: the promise to deliver customer satisfaction.

Here are a few methods for marketing your business' intangible qualities online:

  • Give customers a clear understanding of your services. Do you provide outstanding customer care? Do you offer better experience and knowledge than most?

  • Don't wait until after someone becomes a customer to advertise elements of your business that make it better than your competitor – even if those characteristics aren't tangible.

  • Create a sense of trust and follow through. If you're available to take their calls 24/7 (an intangible element of your service), then clearly communicate this promise on your website.

  • Establish the right expectations. What will your customer experience when he / she works with you? Anticipate these expectations and make sure that your business meets them.

Use intangibles to drive people to your business and keep them there.

You might think that your online marketing campaign only happens online. In reality, your customer's online experience is closely linked to his / her actual experience with your business. In short, you can use intangibles (outstanding customer service, years of experience, special qualifications, etc.), to create the right client expectations, then meet these expectations by delivering the services promised on your website.

Answer the following questions to identify some of your business' intangibles:

  • What is your client looking for? What does he / she need?
  • How can your business meet the needs of these clients?
  • What experience, skill, services, or qualifications set your business apart?
  • How does your business deliver this service better than your competitors?

Ready to start driving customers to your business? Speak with the Internet marketing experts at Scorpion Design to learn more about your online marketing options with us.