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The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC is a criminal defense law firm that serves clients in and around Midland, Texas. Realizing they needed a better way to attract new clients, attorneys Aaron and Victoria Eckman improved their firm’s digital presence—and it ended up saving them over $22,400 in an unexpected financial setback...

  • Main Practice Area: Criminal Defense
  • Challenge: Generating enough cases to pay the bills in a financial setback
  • Location: Midland, TX
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The Challenge

After opening their criminal defense law firm in Midland, Texas, attorneys Aaron and Victoria Eckman operated it much like a federal public defender’s office—the majority of their work consisted of criminal defense cases they were appointed to by the federal court.

It wasn’t a bad strategy...the husband-and-wife team enjoyed a consistent flow of cases.

But they didn’t have a lot of control over the growth of their practice—they were at the mercy of the federal government’s case calendar and pay schedule, something that became a real problem when a government shutdown meant the firm stopped getting paid for weeks on end.

So, rather than allow their firm’s future to rest on the decisions of a divided government, Aaron and Victoria decided to team up with a marketing partner to mitigate the practice’s reliance on federally appointed cases.

“Federal appointment cases made up 70% of our revenue at the time of the government shutdown, so we had a lot a stake. Thankfully, our marketing came through and we were able to get new clients through the door and generate $22,400 in retained cases.”

—Aaron Eckman, The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC

The Results

More web traffic and exposure from an improved online strategy.

“We now receive more calls in one day from people interested in our services than we used to get in an entire week, and it’s making a huge impact on our business.”

—Aaron Eckman, The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC

The client's website on an iPad.

A higher volume of leads delivering the power of choice.

“When you’re a solo or growing practice, you don’t have the luxury to turn down cases. You typically say ‘yes’ to everything. Now that we have enough prospective clients coming through the door, we have the power to say ‘no’ when a case isn’t the right fit for us—and we’re able to charge what we want. This allows us to be more thoughtful in the way we grow our firm.”

—Aaron Eckman, The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC

A screenshot of the client's website.

A partnership establishing a new vision for the firm.

“Our marketing partner has helped us start thinking more strategically about the future of our firm—not just what business could be like as a two-attorney firm, but one day as a four- or five-attorney firm. That’s when we decided to pursue retained business as a growth path for our practice.” 
—Aaron Eckman, The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC

The Numbers

  • Financial safety net $22,473
  • ROI 4-5X
  • retained casework 60%
  • Average search ranking Page 1

Aaron and Victoria’s marketing didn’t just get them through a temporary rough helped them set a whole new standard of success for their firm.

And they couldn’t have done it without their trusted marketing partner...


Hear from Aaron Eckman

"When you’re the owner of a solo or small law firm, it’s rare to have this kind of confidence in a business partner. Because I know Scorpion is reliable and has established a proven track record of success in my own campaign, I feel confident to take risks that I would never have taken before to grow my firm. Scorpion has been a true game changer for my practice."

Aaron Eckman The Law Office of Aaron E. Eckman, PLLC
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