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It took a high-speed crash and two herniated discs for attorney James R. “Ted” Tedford, II to realize he wanted to go into personal injury law. Ted had the passion to build a thriving practice—next, all he needed was a reliable marketing partner to help him grow his firm. Learn about the roadblocks Ted faced and how he overcame them.

  • Main Practice Area: Personal Injury
  • Challenge: Finding a reliable marketing partner & attracting more business
  • Location: Pasadena, CA
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The Challenge

After James R. “Ted” Tedford, II was hit on the freeway by an uninsured driver and left with two herniated discs, he saw firsthand what people go through when they’re hurt in a wrongful injury.

In fact, it was that very experience that caused him to choose personal injury law as his career path. As a car accident victim, he found it easy to relate to his prospective clients and gain their trust. What didn’t come as naturally was finding ways to bring more prospects through the door so he could keep his firm busy with new cases.

So, he decided to explore different options for advertising his firm--but over the years, he reached numerous roadblocks:

  • Phone books ads ended up costing him more than they benefited his firm. (He ended up spending $25,000 a year for bad leads.)
  • He hired a freelance designer to build him a website, but that site was hard to find in online search and failed to deliver new leads.
  • He signed a contract with a digital marketing company that ignored both his wishes and his calls, and on top of that, created a website that performed poorly. (He terminated that contract within 10 months.)

So, by the time Ted added another attorney to his firm (Adrianos Facchetti) and the partners were discussing the idea of hiring another digital marketing agency to bring the firm more business, Ted had his doubts.

The last thing he wanted to do was hire another company that would take his money with nothing to show for it. But despite his rocky past with digital marketing, Ted agreed to give one more company a chance.

“We were kissing a lot of frogs, and I was wondering if we were ever going to find that prince.”

—James R. “Ted” Tedford, II, Tedford & Associates

The Outcome
1. An immediate spike in calls

After Tedford & Associates’ new marketing partner built a brand-new website and set up digital advertising campaigns for the firm, the attorneys saw an immediate increase in the volume and quality of their web-driven leads.
An image of the client's website on an iPad.

2. Ranking on the 1st page of Google

Tedford & Associates went from being difficult to find in search results to consistently ranking on the first page of Google and Bing for their most critical keywords—terms like “Pasadena personal injury attorney.”
A screenshot of the client's website.

3. No more being ignored

Tedford & Associates went from working with a marketing company that ignored their calls to a true digital marketing partner that responded quickly, listened to their ideas and concerns, and delivered top-tier customer service and smarter campaign management.

Results by the Numbers

  • The firm's average Search Page ranking for its critical Keywords #1
  • Number of support staff Hired 3
  • The firm's cost per lead is below the national average by 64%

Hear from James R. "Ted" Tedford, II

"We have been able to increase both the volume and quality of cases we get through our website, and that’s because our current marketing team is so receptive to making any changes we need. Whether we need new content added to our website or a change made to a campaign, they’re quick to handle it. From a customer service standpoint, Scorpion is head and shoulders above any other company I have worked with in the past."

James R. "Ted" Tedford, II Founder, Tedford & Associates
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