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Revill Law Firm is a criminal defense and civil rights law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. Though decorated within their field, Revill Law Firm felt there was an opportunity for improvement in their website design and marketing returns. In seeking positive change, they found Scorpion, and quickly saw a dramatic improvement to their client acquisition.

  • Main Practice Areas Criminal Defense and Civil Rights
  • CHALLENGE Web Design and Marketing ROI
  • LOCATION Birmingham, AL
The Challenge: Little or No Return on Investment from Marketing Efforts and a Poorly Made Website

The Challenge
Little or No Return on Investment from Marketing Efforts and a Poorly Made Website

Upholding a great reputation and providing superior expertise in Birmingham, Alabama, criminal defense and civil rights attorney Victor Revill was looking to expand awareness of his services in the area. Although Revill Law Firm’s use of traditional marketing methods like television ads and direct mail were reaching some prospective clients, he was growing frustrated at the firm’s previous digital marketing vendors’ little effect on their overall results.

Eager to get an effective website and digital marketing plan that could offer results, Attorney Revill began working with Scorpion in January 2016.

The Solution
1. Launched a Professional Website 

Revill Law Firm revamped their website by clearly stating what services they offer, providing a live chat option for prospective clients, and making it easy to navigate—especially for mobile devices.

The Solution: 1. Launched a Professional Website

The Solution 
2. Reached More Ideal Clients 

They honed in on their ideal clients by using targeted advertising that would reach prospective clients most likely to turn into retained cases.

The Solution: 2. Reached More Ideal Clients

The Solution
3. Received Real-Time Feedback

Attorney Revill was able to make informative decisions about his marketing efforts through his own customized dashboard and strong communication with his Scorpion team to work on solutions thoroughly and quickly.

The Outcome


Within the first week of partnering with Scorpion, Revill Law Firm noticed an immediate spike in both call volume and the quality of prospective clients. Since then, Revill Law Firm has doubled their revenue and are gaining more clients and staff quicker than they anticipated.

Where Revill Law Firm had once felt mistreated by a lack of attention from their previous marketing companies, they now feel as though they’ve gained a real partner with Scorpion; a marketing company firmly invested in their growth and success long-term.

Increased ROI, Better Support, and More Quality Clients

Hear from Victor Revill

"No way in hell would I change from Scorpion. I love you guys, I really really do. I don't say it for fluff or flatter. You've heard the saying, ‘You tell me where you spend your time and I'll tell you where your treasure is,” and I spend a lot of time in business. My business is personal to me; I got a wife and kid and a business to support them with."

Victor Revill Revill Law Firm, Revill Law Firm
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