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When Andy Nguyen opened his own law firm, he needed a way to attract a steady flow of leads and cases—especially because he was practicing in the volume-driven field of bankruptcy law. Find out how he used the Internet to get more business and triple his revenue in 3.5 years!

  • Main Practice Area: Bankruptcy & Estate Law
  • Challenge: Securing enough work to survive in a volume-driven field of law
  • Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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The Challenge

When Andy Nguyen graduated from law school in 2012, he was hired as an associate at a bankruptcy law firm and quickly moved up to the role of “Partner.”

But after a couple of years at the firm, Andy realized that working for someone else wasn’t going to cut it for him—he wanted to build a practice of his own. So, he took a risk…

Despite the fact that he was just at the start of his career, Andy left that firm in 2016, rented some office space in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and launched his very own bankruptcy law firm, Nguyen Law Group.

Andy knew it would be tough getting a brand-new practice off the ground—but unlike many other new attorneys, he had an advantage…

From Day 1, he had an iron-clad strategy for attracting new clients.

In his previous role at the other law firm, Andy was in charge of working with the firm’s digital marketing company, and he saw how many leads and new clients they were able to obtain through their website and digital ad campaigns.

So, when Andy went out on his own, he knew digital marketing was a MUST for his own firm. He called up that same marketing company and signed up for their services. It was a hefty expense for an up-and-coming firm, but Andy was confident the decision would pay off over time.

His only hope was that it would pay off sooner rather than later.

Bankruptcy is a volume-driven field of law, so the future of Andy’s firm was literally riding on the success of his marketing.

Andy didn’t know how it was going to turn out—all he knew was that he needed to start off on the right foot with a smart marketing strategy.

“Bankruptcy law is highly transactional—you get clients who work with you once and then they’re gone, so you need to keep a steady flow of clients coming through the door. I knew the Internet was the best way to achieve that volume because it’s where everyone’s looking to find attorneys in this day and age.”

—Andy Nguyen, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Nguyen Law Group

The Solution
1. Laying a strong foundation for the firm's digital presence with a high-quality website.

“I love my website. People often comment on how professional and informative it is. About 75% of my clients say they found my law firm online. Honestly, if I didn’t have my website and my marketing partner, my firm wouldn’t be open today.”

—Andy Nguyen, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Nguyen Law Group

An image of the client's website on an iPad.

2. Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to the site and calls to the firm.

“I continue to invest in PPC because it’s proven itself as a reliable money-maker for my firm. I get high-quality leads and new clients every month, and I always make back significantly more than I spend, so it’s a no-brainer.”

—Andy Nguyen, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Nguyen Law Group

An image of the client's website and a screen shot of a Google PPC ad.

3. Leveraging the expertise of digital marketing to create smarter and more profitable campaigns.

“When I opened my Santa Ana office, I was dealing with new challenges because that market is a lot more competitive and more expensive from an advertising standpoint. My marketing team helped me figure out how to set up my campaigns differently for that area and gain a greater level of exposure without breaking my budget.” 
—Andy Nguyen, Founder and Principal Lawyer at Nguyen Law Group

The Results

  • AVG. Monthly web-driven leads  101
  • growth in retained clients  3X
  • growth in monthly revenue 2.5-3X
  • Number of offices 3

Now that Andy has a thriving bankruptcy law firm that operates in two major Southern California markets, he realizes that investing in his digital marketing was one of the best decisions he has ever made for his law firm.

Not only did Andy win by choosing to market his firm on the Internet, but he also won by choosing a marketing partner he could depend on for a game-changing online strategy.

Hear From Andy Nguyen

"Scorpion has played a significant role in my success so far. When you start a new law firm on your own, it can be incredibly nerve-racking. I never would have imagined my firm would grow so fast or that I would be where I’m at today. Scorpion has far surpassed my expectations. I have zero complaints!"

Andy Nguyen Founder and Principal Lawyer, Nguyen Law Group
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