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Catherine Lerer and Daniel McGee opened their own personal injury law firm only to find its very existence in jeopardy when they couldn’t get the phone ringing on a regular basis. Realizing they needed a better way to reach potential clients and win their trust, the attorneys decided to invest in their digital presence.

  • Main Practice Area: Personal Injury
  • Challenge: Attracting enough clients to stop a small firm from closing
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
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The Challenge

Two attorneys plus two young children equals an impossible schedule.

That’s what husband-and-wife attorneys Catherine Lerer and Daniel McGee realized once they had their second child, and it’s why they decided to open their own personal injury law firm together—McGee, Lerer & Associates—where they could set their own schedules.

But Catherine and Daniel quickly learned that running a successful firm didn’t just require expertise in their field of law and great client rapport—it also required enough marketing savvy to keep their firm busy with calls and cases.

This became painfully apparent when business became so slow, the attorneys had to downsize their office space and start laying off employees. When they were finally down to just one employee, they had no choice but to find a better marketing solution—it was either that or eventually shut down their office.

Catherine and Daniel started looking into what the most successful attorneys in their area were doing to get ahead, and they noticed all the firms had beautiful websites that were ranking at the top of the search results in search engines like Google.

In that moment, Catherine and Daniel realized they needed a more professional website if they were going to not only get found by prospective clients, but win their trust and business as well.

Despite the fact that the firm was on a tight budget, Catherine and Daniel called up the Internet marketing company responsible for the impressive websites they saw and agreed to give them a try.

“Signing that contract with our new marketing partner was terrifying. It was a huge expense at a time when we didn’t have a lot of money. It was a major leap of faith, but it was the best decision we ever made for our firm.”

—Catherine Lerer, Owner of McGee, Lerer & Associates

The Solution

Creating an impressive website and using pay-per-click ads to build fast exposure for the site in online search.

“We used our pay-per-click advertising to get exposure at the top of the search results until we could bring up our organic rankings. Within a year, we were consistently ranking organically for our most important keywords in the top spots for our markets (which are highly competitive).”

—Catherine Lerer, Owner of McGee, Lerer & Associates

The client's website on a tablet.

Using blog posts, videos, and social media to establish authority in a fast-growing niche of personal injury law.

“We decided to start going after electric scooter accident cases, so we had to put up a lot of content on our website in a short amount of time. Our marketing partner helped us get everything posted quickly, and we were able to capture a ton of new business.”

—Catherine Lerer, Owner of McGee, Lerer & Associates

A screenshot of the client's website.

Making better use of the attorneys' time by enlisting the help of a professional marketing team.

“Having a marketing partner we know we can trust frees us up to focus on what we do best—lawyering...representing injury victims without having to worry about how we’re going to get the phone to ring. We leave that to our marketing company because that’s what they do best.”
—Catherine Lerer, Owner of McGee, Lerer & Associates

The Results

  • Average New Cases a Week (Up From 1 a Week) 5
  • Average number of cases open at a time (up from 100) 400
  • Increase in Leads Dues to Blogging & Social Media 37%
  • Number of employees at the firm (up from 1) 12

Catherine and Daniel took a risk when they handed their hard-earned money from their struggling firm to a new marketing company—but in the end, their investment paid off by improving the quality of their leads, quadrupling their case volume, and helping them grow their firm’s foothold in the greater Los Angeles area.

And it worked because they chose the right partner—a partner they could depend on…


Hear from Catherine Lerer

"I’d hire Scorpion again in a heartbeat. We’ve been with them for 9 years, and it’s the best decision we ever made for our firm. Scorpion has delivered in every way, beyond what we ever expected. Scorpion is a company we can trust, and we can tell they’re completely dedicated to making our firm a success."

Catherine Lerer Owner, McGee, Lerer & Associates
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