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Law Office of Thomas P. Gill

The Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. is a law firm in Brandon, Florida that specializes in family law. After years of stagnant growth, no digital presence, and an over-reliance on client referrals, owner Thomas P. Gill decided to partner with an Internet marketing agency that could deliver the future-focused growth he wanted for his practice.

  • Client Industry Legal
  • Challenge Missing digital presence and reliance on word-of-mouth
  • Location Brandon, FL

The Challenge

A missing digital presence and an over-reliance on word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing can help an attorney build a booming legal practice.

But can word-of-mouth marketing alone build a booming legal practice? Not a chance, which is something the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. can attest to.

For years, the firm relied almost exclusively on referrals from previous clients to attract new cases. And every month, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. would see 5 or 6 new cases walk in the door from those referrals...

But that would be it.

To supplement their word-of-mouth success and attract new clients, the firm tried other forms of legal marketing (including a six-month, $2000 partnership with a “low-cost” Internet marketing company) but saw ZERO results. No new leads, no new clients, and no page one placement on Google search.


The Solution

A real online presence and impeccable customer service

Working closely with Scorpion, The Law Office of Thomas P. Gill:

1) Not just "more clients" but more "right-fit clients"

By developing a strong Internet marketing strategy, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. gained the freedom to evaluate each new opportunity on a case-by-case basis and say "no" to any opportunity that would not be a "perfect fit" for their practice.

Not settling for the status quo

They found a strong, reliable Internet marketing agency with a proven track record of helping small to mid-sized law firms broaden their reach.

Understanding the value of premium customer service

They partnered with an Internet marketing vendor known for replying to customer phone calls within an hour, replying to emails in 15 minutes, providing crystal-clear monthly campaign reports, and delivering total transparency in every aspect of the working relationship.


The Outcome

43% Increase in Revenue Over 24 Months
  • Increase in Average Annual Revenue $110,000
  • Average Number of New Cases per Month 12-15
  • Ranking on "Divorce Attorney in Brandon, FL" Google Search #1

In two years, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. has grown it’s annual revenue from approximately $345,000 per year to approximately $500,000 per year.

Where they were once settling for 5 to 6 new cases per month, the firm now sees anywhere from 12 to 15 new cases per month—as many as 120 additional cases per year.

But most importantly, the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L. is making more money, while spending less time and energy to make that money.


Client Testimonial

“Scorpion makes my life easier; we make more money and we work less.” Jana Barnett - Law Office of Thomas P. Gill JR P.L.

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