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Knight Law Office is a criminal defense firm in Dallas, Texas. With a desire to acquire big, felony cases, Attorney Nelson changed the way he marketed his law firm. Find out how investing in online marketing helped him capture more leads and acquire the types of clients he wanted.

  • Main Practice Area: Criminal Defense
  • Challenge: Staying visible to potential clients and getting better cases
  • Location: Dallas, TX

The Challenge

When Attorney Nelson Knight first started his own criminal defense firm, he wanted more than misdemeanors…

He wanted the big, felony cases.

The capital murder cases.

The big-news, white-collar crime cases.

But no matter how hard Nelson tried, he struggled to attract the kind of clients and case opportunities he really wanted.

Tired of the underwhelming results and misdemeanor cases, Nelson decided to make a big change for his firm, and invest in an online marketing partner.

“I realized the Internet was the way of the future. Everybody was turning to search engines like Google to find attorneys, and unless you had a website and online marketing to help guide people to your site, they would never find you.”
Nelson Knight, Knight Law Office

A beautiful website empowered with live chat to convert more leads into clients.

“It’s always been difficult to convert email inquiries into new clients because those types of prospects are always more passive—90% of the time, I call them back and they don’t answer. Thanks to live chat, my team is able to connect with these prospects immediately, which helps us retain more clients.”

Nelson Knight, Knight Law Office

The client's website on an iPad.

Google Advertising to better reach ideal prospects and communities.

“The great thing about digital advertising is the audience targeting. I can target certain demographics within specific areas of town and reach the types of potential clients I want for my firm. You can’t do that in the phone book.”

Nelson Knight, Knight Law Office

The client's website and Google ad.

The full-fledged support of a talented marketing team.

“The best thing is I don’t have to worry about my marketing anymore. If I need to add something to my website, I have a question about my content, I want to adjust my advertising budget, etc., all I have to do is email my marketing manager and it’s immediately handled.” 
—Nelson Knight, Knight Law Office

The Outcome

  • Lead volume 16x
  • Felony Work 90%
  • Average review rating 5 Stars

When you find a solution that works, you stick with it.

Which is why Nelson is going into his 10th year with his digital marketing partner...


Nelson says his firm wouldn’t be where it is today if Scorpion never came into the picture.

Hear from Nelson Knight

"I can’t even begin to fathom what my business would be like if I didn’t have my digital marketing. I make substantially more money now than I did 10 years ago, and a large percentage of that is due to Scorpion. Scorpion is the best company I’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t be happier, and I have no plans of ever leaving this partnership."

Nelson Knight Founder, Knight Law Office
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