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The Hammer Law Firm

The Hammer Law Firm, LLC is a St. Louis criminal defense firm led by a power duo of prosecutors-turned-defense-attorneys. Former prosecutors Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollatti—a husband and wife team—bring their defense clients more than 30 years of criminal law experience, which includes the litigation of more than 100 jury trials.

  • Client Industry Legal
  • Challenge Too many low-value, misdemeanor cases
  • Attorneys 2

The Challenge

Getting Bigger & More Valuable Criminal Defense Cases

Prior to working with Scorpion, The Hammer Law Firm worked with a different digital marketing company. The relationship at first seemed promising, but the results were fleeting. Attorneys Hammer and Chiravollatti found that they had to pay more and more money just to compete—yet they were not attracting enough new legal business to match the higher level of investment, which dipped into their ROI.

The criminal defense lawyers also said they were not getting enough of the types of cases they wanted—the more serious, high-value criminal cases that would continue to build their reputations as leading trial attorneys. Ready for a change, they signed with Scorpion.


The Solution

Design Overhaul

Scorpion provided the firm with a brand-new, conversion-focused website that highlighted the attorneys’ advanced experience and winning track record.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Scorpion ran pay-per-click (PPC) ads to help the firm target the more serious criminal cases they were seeking and drive more qualified website traffic and leads.

SEO Strategy

Scorpion improved the firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) and offsite profiles and directories, helping the firm to rank on page 1 for the majority of its keywords.


The Outcome

Firm’s Revenue Nearly Triples After Signing with Scorpion
  • Increase in Annual Revenue 173.5%
  • Increase in Overall Leads 3 Yrs 245%
  • YOY Increase in PPC Leads 120.8%

After working with Scorpion, The Hammer Law Firm went from getting a lot of low-value, misdemeanor cases to attracting bigger and better cases, including serious felony and federal cases. Over a span of 3 years, the firm experienced a 245% increase in overall web leads from Scorpion. It also saw a 173.5% increase in annual revenue over 4 years (starting with the firm’s pre-Scorpion year).

In terms of its advertising, The Hammer Law Firm saw a 120.8% year-over-year increase in PPC leads with a 6.2% increase in its PPC conversion rate and 36.1% decrease in cost per lead. With all of its growth, the firm was able bring on a part-time employee to assist with clerical tasks and is considering the possibility of hiring an associate attorney in the future.


Client Testimonial

“I wanted people calling me on the phone prepared to pay me $10,000 to $20,000 [for a case] rather than ten $2,000 cases. I wanted to handle more of the really serious cases and continue to establish my reputation as a trial attorney. So that’s one big difference [with Scorpion]—we’ve been getting a lot more of the bigger stuff.” Mark Hammer - Founder, The Hammer Law Firm

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