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As a criminal defense attorney, Dustyn Coontz knew he had the legal expertise and professionalism to establish his own practice. But with no formal sales or marketing training, he worried about his ability to attract new clients. For that reason, Dustyn committed to enlisting the help of a professional marketing partner.

  • Main Practice Area Criminal Defense
  • Challenge Starting a practice from scratch with limited resources
  • Location Lansing, MI
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The Challenge

When attorney Dustyn Coontz made the decision to start his own criminal defense practice, he did so with little more than the blessing of his wife and a passion for defending civil liberties. Lacking the time to engage in any formal sales or marketing training, Dustyn knew he’d need to enlist the help of a professional marketing partner to attract new clients, bring in better cases, and earn more money.

“Your customer service is so good, I was referring other attorneys to Scorpion before my ad campaign or my website were even live.”

  • Dustyn Coontz, Founder, Coontz Law

The Solution
A partner with an irrefutable track record

“I figured if Scorpion was good enough for [Geoffrey Nels Fieger and Goodman Acker], it was going to be good enough for me.”

  • Dustyn Coontz, Founder, Coontz Law
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An investment in digital paid advertising 

“If you just want to get by, you don’t need a partner like Scorpion. But if you want to achieve something more—if you want to grow—you have to work with a partner who can put you directly in front of the people who need your help the most, and no one does that like Scorpion. "

  • Dustyn Coontz, Founder, Coontz Law
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Unmatched marketing technology for complete transparency 

“I don’t have to guess on my ROI because I can see it at any time...Working with Scorpion is simply the best decision I could have possibly made for my practice—I don’t even know what the alternative would be. "
Dustyn Coontz, Founder, Coontz Law

The Outcome

  • Leads converted to clients 47%
  • percentage of bad leads 2%
  • improvement in search ranking 60%

Not long ago, Dustyn Coontz had doubts about his decision to open his own practice.

Today, those doubts are a distant memory.

Why?—we’ll let Dustyn tell you in his own words...

Dustyn Coontz in His Own Words

"When you start your own firm, you’re making a bet on yourself as an attorney—working with Scorpion will help you make sure that bet is the smartest one you’ve ever made. It’s been surreal to see the amount of real money Scorpion has brought to my firm, never mind the money I’m still owed...there’s no question I have positive ROI."

Dustyn Coontz Founder, Coontz Law
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