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Cleaning Up Your Online Presence in 2015


With the New Year comes a chance for a new start. It's a time to evaluate the past and make changes so that your future is even better. When it comes to the growth of your business, the beginning of the New Year is also an excellent time to consider how well you are keeping up with the changes in online marketing. Now, more than ever, your business' online presence is vital to the growth of your company.

Are you considering hiring an online marketing company? It's important to know the five pieces of information you should have ready to give to your marketing team.

  1. Business Name, Address & Phone Number: While your business's exact business information might be common knowledge for you, it isn't necessarily like that for the rest of the online world. Old and incorrect information about your company can quickly surface online and cause mass confusion for your customers, as well as search engines. Presenting the exact name, address, and number to your marketing team will allow them to start investigating any inconsistencies.
  1. Old Contact Information: Has your office moved three times in the last few years or have you acquired a new phone number? Chances are that, unless you have made proactive efforts to clean this up, this old information is still showing online. Letting your marketing team know this outdated information will allow them to keep an eye out for it and be proactive in getting it cleaned up.
  1. Domains: Have you had multiple websites in the past? It is crucial that fill in your online marketing team on your web history. Domains gather history and your marketing team needs to know any relevant information so they can make sure your website is clean. Knowing what domain you want to use will also allow them to make sure only the correct domain is displayed for you across the web.
  1. Old Marketing Companies: Have you worked with other marketing companies in the past? What is out there in the web right now for you was most likely created and managed by these parties. Knowing this information will help your marketing team understand what profiles can be updated, what might still be control by an old email, and what they can instantly do to get those profiles fixed.
  1. Past Work: Have you tried to clean up your online presence before? Do you have a bunch of passwords for your online profiles? If so, send this information over to your marketing company right away. This info will allow them to edit profiles quickly and will save both you and them valuable time.

Don't let this year pass you by with a messy online presence! More and more customers are searching online for the business they want to use—and, with a cleaned up online footprint, this can be the year that your company excels! The marketing experts at Scorpion Design are ready to help your company grow. Call to learn how we can take your online marketing to the next level and make 2015 your best year yet.