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Why Avvo Is Important


Ever wonder if claiming and maintaining an Avvo profile is worth it? Do you question if all the work in getting endorsements and client reviews will pay off in the end? If you do, you're not alone! While you might see Avvo as just another online directory listing that takes up time but never yields the results you want, it actually does have significant value to attorneys who market online. If you use Avvo properly, you could be tapping into some great benefits that you would otherwise end up leaving to your competitors.

Why is it that if you don't have a profile you're one step behind? Consider these three reasons for why you should claim and update your Avvo profile today!

  1. Avvo is a good way to show that you are authoritative in you practice of law. Avvo profiles are not just any free profile that you can claim and update. Only attorneys who are registered with their state bar can have an Avvo profile. What this gives to your prospective clients searching your name in various search engines is that confidence in knowing that you are who you say you are. Having a profile on a highly credible site is extremely valuable.

  2. Avvo profiles are an indirect way to bring traffic to your site and, ultimately, gain new clients. Since Avvo is considered a respected directory for consumers, Google has begun to regularly show Avvo on the first page for various attorney/lawyer-related searches in many markets across the country. If you have not claimed and updated your Avvo profile, there is no chance that you will show up in Avvo's list of suggest attorneys for a specific region. Individuals searching for attorneys in your area could very well find you through clicking on Avvo in the search results if your profile is complete and set up properly.

  3. Avvo profiles provide good back links to help with organic rankings. We know one factor that makes a healthy website is an amount of quality links pointing back to that site. As mentioned above, Avvo is clearly considered to be a valuable resource to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Those links pointing to your website pass on that credibility and value, which is an important piece of the organic ranking puzzle.

If you have questions about what else you can do to help ensure that you are maximizing your online profile, don't hesitate to contact us. We are the experts, and we love helping people.