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The Secret to Persuasive Website Content


The secret to good content isn't SEO. It isn't keywords or optimization. In fact, the key to convincing blogs and webpages isn't on your website – it's your audience. When it comes to writing content that will turn visitors into clients, you need to anticipate your audience and their needs.

Identify Your Audience

First, identify your audience. Answer the following question: Who is my ideal customer? If you're a roofer, you want viewers who need roofs. If you're a family lawyer, you're targeting visitors considering a divorce. By anticipating your audience and their needs, you can provide your business as a solution.

Engage Your Audience

Second, focus on creating content that is engaging to your readers. The word "engaging" can mean many things. For websites, it refers to these basic principles:

  • Content that is easy to read / skim.
  • Content that uses strong verbs & concise sentences
  • Content that is primarily about & for the client

Website content shouldn't be complicated. It should be easy to absorb and understand. Most visitors don't stay on any given page for long, so you need to grab their attention and hold it as long as possible. Put the most important information at the top of the page and always make sure the first sentence of each paragraph is succinct and conveys the main idea.

Prove Your Business is the Best Option

Once you understand your audience and have successfully engaged them, move on to the final step: Show your readers why your business is the best option. Don't show them why you're a possibility; establish your business as the top solution for their needs.

You can do this by highlighting the things that set your business apart from the competition. This could be your experience, peer recognition, your involvement in the local community, accolades, or customer service. Once you figure it out, make these distinctions the focal point of your website content.

Confront readers with their problem and provide easy access to the best solution: your business.