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The Path to Client Conversion


Marketing as a whole is driven by the goal of capturing a pre-determined audience and converting new leads from it. Internet marketing efforts should be focused on converting new business and, in most cases, the bulk of your new clients are going to come from your website. So having a website that's not tailored around client conversion could be a costly mistake.

Successful conversion tactics do not take a "one-size-fits-all" approach. In fact, the conversion equation of marketing isn't as simple as A + B = C. It's more complicated than that and is often represented as a metaphorical funnel of variables. This funnel is often called the "conversion funnel" and it's our marketing vocabulary phrase of the day!

What is a conversion funnel?

In this sense, "conversion funnel" is a term used to describe the path a website visitor travels before they complete the final action of contacting your business, i.e. "conversion." You'll find many versions of this funnel around the web, but the one you'll see below has been inspired by "The Digital Marketing Funnel" and the "Buying Process."

I've started my funnel at the point of someone landing on your website. In reality, the beginning stages of converting and filtering your potential leads begins much earlier than what you'll see below; meaning your paid ads and organic rankings are a type of top level tier of the larger marketing funnel. I've chosen to limit this discussion to the basics of what should be considered once a potential lead is on your site.

What does all of this mean for your marketing?

The value of considering multiple conversion funnels in all of your marketing related decisions is immeasurable. Even further, partnering with a company like Scorpion Design will allow you to focus on your new customers and not be bogged down with the demands of running a successful Internet marketing campaign. When it comes down to it, converting and retaining new leads is what matters most--and doing this well will ensure that you stay in business.