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The Importance of Blogging as a Business


The sensation we know as "blogging" began in 1983 on Usenet (the predecessor to the Internet); however, the term "blog" was not actually coined until 1997. Today, blogging has become a widespread trend across the globe.

Just consider these statistics released by SocialMediaToday:

  • 23% of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs
  • 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites
  • 12 million people blog on social networks

And take a look at these statistics released by SocialMediaToday and HubSpot:

  • 126% more leads are generated by small businesses with blogs
  • 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs
  • 61% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post
  • 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers

Blogging for Your Business

Regardless of your age, personality, and occupation, the truth is this: blogging is good for your business. In fact, there are many ways that blogging can benefit you.

Increasing Conversion

  • Blogs can drive traffic to your website
  • Blogs can help you offer more insight into your company, philosophy, and ideas
  • Blogs can give your business a voice: letting you highlight new products and services, comment on news, and let your company's personality shine through
  • Blogs are a way to directly communicate with potential new clients

Improving Ranking

  • Blogs can keep you committed to content marketing strategies
  • Blogs can fuel search engine optimization and increase your chances of ranking

Extending Your Reach

  • Blogs can create free PR for your business
  • Blogs can encourage interaction with customers
  • Blogs can provide you with material for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

Enhancing Your Insight

  • Blogs can enhance your understanding of your industry and your customers
  • Blogs can sharpen both the focus and mission of your business
  • Blogs can give you important insight into your audience

Strengthening Your Leadership

  • Blogs are an outlet to share your authority and expertise
  • Blogs can help you stay ahead of the curve

Simply put, a blog is a cost-effective marketing investment. As HubSpot explains it, "One hour of effort today can turn into hundreds of thousands of views and leads in the future."