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Making a Good Impression with Content


We all know how daunting first impressions can be. Wearing the wrong outfit for an interview can make a major impact on how a potential employer views you—and creating a successful website is no different. Let's be honest: we all get lazy. We skim through material online rather than reading it word-for-word. Within seconds of visiting a website, we subconsciously determine if it's worth reading or not just by looking at it. Lucky for you, we've included a few helpful tips to get the most bang for your buck with online content.

Content That's Worth Reading

In addition to creating content that is optimized for search engines, it is important to consider how your content is formatted. Unlike other forms of writing, the content you post online can determine who views and reads your website. The last thing you want to do is turn away visitors by not formatting your content correctly.

The following things can help you make a good impression online:

  • Make your content reader-friendly
  • Avoid lengthy or intimidating paragraphs
  • Guide the reader's eye throughout
  • Point out what's important

Get to the Point

No one wants have to read lengthy text just to figure out what exactly it is you do. Keep your content clear and concise. Get to the point and give visitors the information they need upfront.

You can make your content is to read in the following ways:

  • Use proper headings and subheading to guide your readers
  • Keep paragraphs short enough to be easy to read, but long enough to avoid sentences that look misplaced or orphaned
  • Bold, italicize, or underline specific phrases to indicate what's significant
  • Utilize bullet points to summarize key points

Where a Little Goes a Long Way

The key thing to remember about formatting content is to not overdo it. It's easy to go overboard with bolding or stating too much information at once. With content, a little bit of information goes a long way!

Want to have a team of professional writers help create content that impresses? Give us a call today!