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Google+ As We Know It Says Goodbye


Well, at least maybe.

With the announcement of Google executive Vic Gundotra leaving the company after 8 years, the immediate question on everyone's mind was what the future held for Google+, which has largely been Gundotra's baby. The industry is buzzing with questions about what the departure means for the social media network, with many sources reporting that they believe it is the beginning of the end for Google+.

TechCrunch reported earlier today that it is likely that Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but rather a platform. This will ultimately end Google's (largely unsuccessful) efforts to compete with social media behemoths such as Facebook and means Google+ will no longer be forced into every aspect of their products. This was supported by two sources who said the teams composing the core of Google+ have begun to be shifted around internally, with many migrating to the Android team.

If that ends up bring true, what would it mean for you? For consumers, this would be exceptionally good thing, as it would end forced integrations of Google+ into all Google products (ex: G+ with YouTube). In the end, this will mean that users will no longer be forced to sign up for a service they don't want to get one that they do.

As TechCrunch reported, however, Google+ will not be not dead altogether—more of the "walking dead." There will still be parts of the social networking kept around, but it likely be stripped down to more of the bare and absolutely necessary essentials.

So what do you think about it all?
Would you be happy to see Google+ go or would you like to see it stick around?