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Cooking Up Your SEM Campaign


It's hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us! There's quite a bit that I love about this time of year, including the chance to spend some extra time with family and friends and reflect on the people and experiences I'm thankful for. Then of course, there's the food. My favorite Thanksgiving delicacy is my dad's fried turkey. It's something I look forward to every year.

Perfecting the fried turkey is both art and science. The art is coming up with the right ingredients. The science is ensuring your cooking process on the fryer safe (more on that later). Ideally, the outcome is tasty southern-inspired delicacy for everyone to enjoy.

Like frying a turkey, developing and executing an effective Internet marketing campaign is a combination of art and science. In our blog today, we will explore three key ingredients you'll want to consider when cooking up a Search Engine Marketing (SEM or pay-per-click, or PPC) campaign for your business.

  1. Know your ideal target audience. This will help drive several important components of your SEM campaign, including the geographic area(s) where you want to acquire new clients and the services or products you want to promote in your campaign(s). Be sure to communicate information about your ideal client to your Internet marketing partner.

  2. Differentiate your business. There are a handful of places to do this in a SEM campaign. The two primary places are in your text ad and the landing page of your campaign or ad groups. Test different messaging and measure what works best to convert clicks (visits) to leads or clients. To come up with this messaging, ask your clients why they chose to do business with you instead of someone else. Incorporate those points into your marketing messaging to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition. Work with a partner who will help push you to understand what differentiates your business and will test different text ads and landing pages to maximize the number of leads and new clients you acquire from your campaign.

  3. Know your results. One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it enables you to measure what's going out and what's coming back. Advertising platforms like Google AdWords provide you with tons of data that will help you determine the effectiveness of your SEM campaign. Make a habit of spending some time each month reviewing the results of your campaign. Rank the leads you are receiving, note the transaction value of the leads that became clients, and the expected lifetime value of that client so you can track the return on investment of your campaign(s). Work with a partner who helps you track leads offline through phone calls, and online through web forms or online chat.

Use these SEM ingredients to help guide you toward a successful campaign. When you are considering a partner to help you execute on your Internet marketing objectives, engage them about their approach to SEM. Be sure you choose a partner who has a track record helping businesses achieve success. Choosing a great partner will help you avoid safety hazards like this.