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Building Websites for the User AND Search Engines


7 Weird Tips to Make Your Website Perfect

  • Buy 10,000 links from any directory you can find
  • Stuff your content full of any and all keywords
  • Steal the design from someone who is already doing well
  • Automate guest blog posts on a massive blogging network
  • Steal good content from somewhere else and paste it into your own site
  • Stuff your homepage with a wall of content, even if it's not relevant
  • Use fancy code to trick search engines into seeing only certain content

Now, I know what you're thinking. "These are the worst ideas I have ever heard. What is this guy talking about?" You are absolutely right in every way imaginable. These are some of the worst possible ideas for building a website. They're bad for users, bad for search engines, and frankly just bad for everyone on the web. If you're going to build a website, build it right. Not sure how to do that? I'll break it down for you.

Create a Beautifully Designed Website

This is not the easy part. In fact, it might be the hardest part of all--but it is imperative that your website reflects who you are as a business, entity, or individual. This shouldn't be rushed, done half-heartedly, or stolen from someone else. By taking the time to establish your unique identity on the web, you are not only giving yourself the opportunity to stand out amongst your competition, you also create a lasting impression with your visitors, which is an invaluable part of marketing your business.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology

In my last post I talked about how combining a beautiful design with modern technology and an intelligent user-interface can multiply your efforts exponentially. This couldn't be more relevant here. Modern web technology can either help or hurt your users' web experience, so make sure it helps! Utilize responsive design to reach users on both mobile and desktop platforms; write clean, concise code with HTML5 markup so search engines can crawl your site with ease; serve relevant content through targeted landing pages, conversion funnels, and more. If your web marketing partner already does all of these things, you are working with someone leagues ahead of much of the competition. (If you didn't already guess it, Scorpion offers all of these things and more.)

Make Content That People Will Want to Read

This is the easy part! You know who your ideal clients are and what will interest them just by being in business. Are you a personal injury attorney? Write about the legal industry and your law firm! Do you service home electrical needs? Write about safety, tips and tricks, and the services you provide! Are you an expert in complex commercial financials? Talk numbers, revenues, tax breaks… other numbers! Whatever it is that separates you from your competition and fills your ideal client's needs, talk about it! That's all there is to it.

Building for the User Benefits You

Again, I already know what you're thinking: "Yeah, but what about search engines? SEO? SERPs? PPC? Algorithms? PageRank? Long tails? The spider-net interweb-bots?" There's little reason to separate how you create content from the way you make it "search-engine friendly." Keyword stuffing, linking campaigns, and similar tactics are dead and gone.

These days, search engines are behaving less like broken scoreboards that tally seemingly random efforts and more like friendly librarians. Write a bad book and it'll end up in the dusty stacks in the back or worse, tossed in the trash. Write a good book and you can rest assured, with a little bit of expert help, you'll find yourself at the top of the stack, whether you are trying to rank organically or climb to the top of paid advertising. If you create a beautiful, user-friendly and audience-oriented website, you're already well on your way to creating a successful online marketing solution and defeating the search engine's army of spider-bots.