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Back to the Basics Part 2: Build a Website Worth Visiting


Having a website means you have a brand. Your website should be selling that brand and communicating to potential clients why your services are worthy of consideration. Just having a website isn't enough anymore; your website needs to create an experience for the visitor and be enticing enough to convert a new customer.

In my last post, I discussed that your first step should be having a website with three reasons why you need one. In this post, I will discuss why having a great website will lead to more business. I'll present three main areas that can't be ignored if you want to build an effective site that is worth visiting. Be sure to stay tuned for my next post in this series where I will be going over how to be strategic in building your web presence.

Three Considerations of a Visit-Worthy Website

Whether you're putting together a website for marketing purposes or just creating a "Pinterest-worthy" recipe blog for fun, the following items should always be considered:

  1. Audience - First things first, your website isn't about you. Your website is about your potential customer and understanding your audience is going to be central to building a website that caters to them. Speak their language and avoid inundating them with unnecessary "industry lingo." But, is it really possible to establish your expertise without using "professional jargon?" Yes, of course it is! You can establish your qualifications without confusing or completely losing the visitor in the process. If your site isn't focused on selling your brand in your potential clients' words, than you've missed the mark.
  1. Message – Now that you've defined who your audience is, you need to create messages that inspire them to contact you. Identify with what they are feeling and find the intersection of those feelings with what you are offering. Make sure your messages don't conflict with what you're offering or with how your potential customer might be feeling. Remember, you want to communicate on their level and make the case for your brand. They are looking for a solution of some kind and you have that to offer – so simplify your company's mission statement into a concise marketing message and see what a difference it makes!
  1. Presentation – Don't skimp on this step. How you present your tailored message makes a world of difference to the audience response you'll receive. I've seen hundreds of websites in my career and many of them lost my attention because their presentation was either too distracting or not engaging enough. A message that nails this step is one that intentionally places emphasis on words or pictures to present the visitor with messages that they need to see and can't live without. Presentation is all about the conversion funnel and there are many sites that get it right – you've probably seen them and you're so impressed that you almost lose track of time. That's the kind of site you want.

Internet marketing as a whole is an evolving organism, constantly changing with the demands of its environment (or Google updates). There is always going to be a new trend buzzing around, but you can be sure that the three items listed above will remain relevant with each change and pendulum swing. You will inevitably redesign your website over the years, but knowing your brand and your audience is the key to any successful marketing effort, and presenting your messages in a way that allows for maximum audience reciprocation won't be going out of style anytime soon.