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4 LinkedIn Strategies to Gain Web Presence


Recently, people have begun to change their approach to interacting with their profile on LinkedIn. Instead of simply signing up, adding a few connections within a similar field, and then leaving their account alone for the rest of the year, some have increased their network to about 10,000 people. If you are like me, you usually add only the people you know: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and maybe an old neighbor or two.

However, LinkedIn was not designed or intended for that purpose.

When you search for specific individuals or certain professional fields, the top results are usually industry professionals. Whether these people are members of common LinkedIn Groups or their exposure through "Most-Viewed Profiles" is near the top, these professionals understand how to present themselves.

So why should you invest time in your LinkedIn account? Here are a few benefits:

  1. Exposure Through Views

You may not think about it, but strangers are viewing profiles. It could be that they are looking for tips to expand their own knowledge or looking to network with professionals in their industry. Whatever their purpose, getting a profile view shows that you are recognized within the LinkedIn community. This can have great advantages in real life when people want to reach out to you.

  1. Increase of Endorsements

LinkedIn has a great section in each profile called "Skills & Endorsements." If someone thinks you do well in a certain field, they will give you an endorsement. Having a small amount of endorsements can actually hurt your credibility on the social network. Reach out to your current connections and ask them to give you some endorsements to help increase those numbers (and be sure to return the favor too).

  1. Growing from Connections

As stated earlier, I used to only add people that I knew on LinkedIn. In college, I only added people from work or school—and then I would do nothing but complain about how LinkedIn was getting me nowhere. Then, I randomly added someone who came across my profile and, sure enough, I saw a climb in views, adds, and private messages. No, it's not a popularity contest, but I didn't let that stop me from the potential opportunities that came with it!

  1. Publishing for Engagement

LinkedIn has a feature that let you post content and statuses on your profile. These will appear on everyone's home page when they log in, much like Facebook and Twitter. However, instead of simply linking to the content, people have begun to use it as a means of engagement with the LinkedIn network. As you continue to add more connections and gain more profile views, the content you post will only grow more over time.

Here at Scorpion Design, our goal is just that: increasing your web presence to get you the clients you want. We have a team of Online Profile Specialists who are dedicated to setting up and managing each profile to improve your business. Talk with a representative today to see how Scorpion can help you!