Native Advertising Vs. Display Advertising: Which Should Your Practice Focus on in 2019?

Smartphone with Digital Advertising Graphic Displayed

While orthopedic practices can use both native advertising and display advertising to attract new patients, each form of advertising has its strengths and weaknesses.

What is the difference between display and native advertising?

Display ads look like this…

example of display ads

They appear at the top (banner) or along the sides (rail) of any website.

Display advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising on the Internet, and for many orthopedic practices, it’s a mainstay.

Native ads look like this…

example of native ads

They appear in the middle of social media feeds and have the appearance of user-generated content.

Native advertising grew alongside social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, and thanks to the explosion in social media use over the last decade, it became the #1 advertising on the Internet.

The key things to remember

Display Advertising:

  1. Display advertising is a powerful medium for generating brand awareness for your orthopedic practice.
  2. Display advertising can be a cost-effective means of consistently putting a practice in front of key demographics in a local community.
  3. Click-through rates for display advertising are lower than native advertising.

Native Advertising:

  1. Native advertising captures more attention than display advertising. Forbes noted back in 2015 that younger people barely interact with traditional ads at all.
  2. The lion’s share of native advertising is done on social media platforms like Facebook. Because Facebook offers incredibly sophisticated ad targeting, orthopedic clinics have a much better shot at getting seen by prospective patients.
  3. Native advertising can get expensive, and practices must put in the time to create native ad content that patients want to read.
  4. Native ads are an opportunity to deliver valuable content to potential patients that build trust and credibility.

So, which form of advertising is better for orthopedic practices in 2019?

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