Attract more patients. Drive revenue. Empower lives.

Across the country, healthcare organizations expect powerful patient growth, stronger community engagement, and higher inbound referrals. What ties them together? Scorpion’s healthcare marketing platform. Our hospital clients tell us they value our platform because it gives them the competitive edge that allows them to revitalize service line revenue, attract patients, gather analytical insights, and expand market share—while giving them more time to handle the rest of their marketing needs.

Today’s Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Ecosystem

  • 52% of mobile users turn to their smartphone to look up health information
  • 77% of users looking for health information online begin with a search engine such as Google
  • 26% of consumers seeking health information online read about or watch a video of someone experiencing a health or medical issue
  • 47% of patients are open to going out-of-network for a provider if the provider has better reviews than in-network providers