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Scorpion technology gives you visual dashboards with real-time reporting that are easy to read and understand.

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See Where Your Money Is Going With Reporting Technology

Scorpion technology let's you quickly see money coming in and money being spent to track your results and establish how to help grow your business the right way.

Growing a business starts with making your money work for you. With reporting technology, you can instantly see which of your marketing tactics are working, where customers are coming from in your service area, and how you can get more from your best customers.

Scorpion technology offers you clean and visual dashboards to make it easy for you to see and understand how your business is performing. Our team will work with you with these tracked results to build the best strategy to grow your business.

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Take Action With Reporting Technology

To understand where you need to invest more or less, tracking visits to your website, money spent on advertising, leads from Facebook, and other items will help you to know when and where to spend and how much to invest in each.

Scorpion technology makes it simple to instantly make changes whether you have a good performance or a campaign that needs adjustment. To help you make smart decisions that both maintain your current revenue and grow your business, we provide a dashboard that is easy to read so that you can instantly review data on your website, your cash flow, and your customer interactions.

See All Of Your Analytics In One Spot

Reporting can be complicated when your information is coming in from multiple sources. It takes time and energy to track all of the data, assess it, and quickly make an adjustment.

With visual dashboards built on Scorpion technology, you can view all of your financial data, campaign performance, and customer behavior in one place. Our integration of custom tools combined with a team of home services experts will take the analytics and make them work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Reporting Technology?

    Reporting technology can pull together all of your information sources into one visual dashboard to show your data and give you guidance on what to do with it.

  • Why Do I Need Reporting Technology?

    If you can’t see how your business is performing, then you won’t know where to spend your time and money to get new customers. Reporting technology will provide you with automated reports daily/weekly/monthly and in real time to save you time, money, and many of the worries you face running your business.

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