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Don't waste time with your ad buying, let Scorpion technology and team help your ideal customers find your business.

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Manage All Of Your Advertising In One Easy-To-Understand Dashboard

Don't waste time with your ad buying, let Scorpion technology and team help your ideal customers find your business.

Reduce frustrations, wasted time, and dollars by managing your advertising all in one place. Scorpion consolidates all of your advertising in an online dashboard that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to manage. Access to your advertising efforts will allow you to make better ad-buying decisions that will drive the high-quality leads to contact you for services.

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Smarter Search Engine Management

Search engines like Google and Bing will continue to be your number-one advertising strategy for reaching customers who are looking for your services. To grow your business effectively, you can’t afford to be making mistakes and wasting money on crucial channels like search engine marketing.

A lot of agencies make claims about technology. Scorpion has a fully realized technology platform built for your home services business. Powered by artificial intelligence, Scorpion’s technology solutions and team help make smarter search engine decisions so that you get the most high-quality leads possible. With real-time monitoring and adjustments, our platform will remove the guesswork and determine exactly when and where to get your ideal customers.

Advertising Around The Clock

It’s time for your home services business to benefit from technology solutions that unlock the power of data and predict the future by analyzing past performance. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Scorpion’s advertising engine constantly improves no matter what time of day it is.

With hundreds of thousands of past campaigns analyzed, you can be sure that the advertising recommendations are based on real data and not guesswork. Your advertising campaigns get more efficient over time, saving your home services business money and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Programmatic Advertising?

    Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, programmatic advertising makes automatic ad decisions for you to grow your business and spend less money to get your most ideal customer.

  • Why Do I Need Programmatic Advertising?

    Many businesses large and small are using this technology. Without it, you’re at a distinct disadvantage for buying customer web traffic for your business.

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