Strategy That Wins For Home Service Businesses

Paying for ads on Google search and claiming a Yelp profile is just a piece of a good strategy. Let Scorpion develop a cohesive, customized marketing strategy that helps your home services business win more customers over the competition.

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Strategy For Your Trade  & Your Company

Working as a plumber is a lot different than working as a roofer. Running a HVAC business is different from running a pest control business. There is no single marketing strategy that works for all home services businesses.

Scorpion offers home services marketing strategies that are catered to your specific trade, as well as your specific business. That means our strategy will deliver better results in less time for your company.

"Seeing how [Scorpion] runs their business, it really mattered to me because that's how we run our business. We keep it very family, we keep it very open. There's trust."

Chris ClineYochim Plumbing Services Inc.

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Results-Based  Decisions

The best home services marketing strategy is one that’s rooted in data. A strategy that isn’t built on results is like a home that’s built without a foundation—unstable and costly.

Scorpion will do research on your business, your industry, and your service area, before making any strategy recommendations, ensuring your company gets the best outcome for your growth goals.

Leads. Sales. Brand.

A marketing strategy that doesn’t capture leads, drive sales, and grow your business is a waste of your time and money.

At Scorpion, we’re in the business of increasing your revenue. Any marketing strategy we develop for your company will be focused on achieving real results that matter to your bottom line.

"I know what Scorpion is to me. And Scorpion is the partner of America Mechanical to provide branding, provide SEO, provide SEM, and all of the magic that your team does for marketing your partners. I would absolutely recommend Scorpion to any other business."

John CornettAmerican Mechanical, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Marketing Strategy?

    A marketing strategy is a thoughtful, data-based approach to building a home services business. It blends different elements—website, digital advertising, social media, etc.—together to help a home services business attract more customers, hire the best employees, and increase brand awareness in its service area.

  • Why Do I Need A Marketing Strategy?

    You need a marketing strategy for the simple fact it’s the most effective, efficient way to grow your business. Without a well-planned strategy in place, any time or money you spend on marketing is akin to throwing darts while blindfolded. Sure, you might hit a bulls-eye eventually, but it’ll take a lot of throws, and you’ll waste a ton of time and energy in the process.

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"Working with Scorpion is infinitely better than what I was doing before, which was just shotgunning money just to keep my phone ringing. There was no strategy.”
Tim Flynn Owner & CEO, Winters Home Services
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