Four Steps to Build a Winning Content Strategy for Your Home Services Business

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Looking for a way to create content that will impress potential customers and get them to call your home services business?

Here are four steps to building a more effective content marketing strategy...

Step #1: Figure out what common questions your customers have

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You should NEVER create content just for the sake of creating it—your content should serve a purpose.

Specifically, your content should help prospective customers in their moment of need. Therefore, you should try to figure out what types of questions your prospects tend to ask, and why they’re asking those questions.

Try creating content that...

  • Defines industry terms.
  • Answers everyday questions.
  • Debunks common myths about your industry.
  • Shows homeowners how to do something (DIY videos).

When you provide potential customers with the right information at the right time, you make your business more valuable and memorable to the prospect.

Step #2: Be strategic about where you post your content

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After you’ve figured out what you want to create, you need to decide how you want to package and distribute it.

Think about where your prospective customers are spending most of their time online (e.g., Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and create content marketing campaigns geared specifically for those platforms.

  • Write educational blogs for the purpose of getting your business ranking in online searches, as well as improving your branding and thought leadership in the community.
  • Create short, visual-focused posts that will capture attention and inspire shares on social media.
  • Produce DIY videos and other video content that will get your business found by YouTube users.

Doing this will help you create more opportunities for prospects to find your business online and become future customers.

#3: Use data to guide your future content decisions

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The last thing you want to do is pour time and energy into digital content that your potential customers don’t care about.

This is why it’s important to test your copy and measure the results (if you’re unsure how to do this...we can help!).

  • Which blog posts are getting the most traffic AND time spent on the page?
  • Which social media posts are receiving the most comments and shares?
  • Which YouTube videos are getting watched all the way (or almost all the way) through?

Glean insights, and use them as guideposts for future content—indicators of what you should do again, and what you shouldn’t do again.

#4: Create a content ecosystem that keeps readers wanting more

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Don’t just create a few blog posts here and there—build an entire content ecosystem that keeps potential customers engaging with your business online.

How do you do it?—by using topic clusters (numerous pieces of digital content revolving around a single topic).

For example, if you own an HVAC business and you want it to be seen as an authority on energy-efficient heating and cooling, you should produce blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and other content on subtopics that all tie into the larger theme...

  • 5 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill This Summer
  • How to Choose the Right Energy-Efficient HVAC System for Your Home
  • 7 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit

Next, you should link all this content to each other (and to your Energy-Efficient HVAC page), which does three things:

  1. Creates a clear and easy path for prospects to continue engaging with your business.
  2. Establishes your business as an expert on the overarching topic of energy-efficient HVAC solutions.
  3. Builds your business’ online authority with search engines, helping you get higher rankings in search results.

By taking the time to be more mindful with your strategy, you could create content that positions your business as a leader in your industry and helps you grow your business.

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