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Podcast: Guidance on Reaching Your Goals from the “Home Service Expert”

Josh Smith's Headshot Josh Smith Vice President of Internet Marketing

In the latest episode of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, Tommy Mello, the “ Home Service Expert,” lends advice to business owners with their own million-dollar ambitions. As the owner of A1 Garage Doors, a $30M-per-year company with locations across America, Tommy knows how to hire the right crew, build an effective marketing plan, and grow a business from the ground up.

To begin, Tommy and our host, Josh Smith, discuss general promotional best practices, as well as how home services business owners should respond to challenges that have been brought up by the COVID-19 pandemic. In large part, his advice (and experience) points to the same conclusion that Scorpion’s experts have found — as competitors pulled their campaigns, A1 doubled down on their digital and traditional ads, and now, Tommy’s techs are working late nights and weekends to cover the new business they’ve brought in.

As the episode continues, the conversation is packed with insightful tips for every home services business owner. One highlight is his “inspect what you expect” philosophy for troubleshooting unwanted outcomes, which is almost universally applicable. From the best ways to stay on top of reviews to details about A1’s recruiting and training process, leaders facing any digital marketing problem will gain concrete suggestions for maximizing their efforts and reaching their goals. Want to know what it takes to rise to the top of your industry? Watch the full interview now!

About the Author
Josh Smith's Headshot Josh Smith Vice President of Internet Marketing

Josh Smith is the Vice President of Marketing for the Home Services division at Scorpion. He manages the development of the marketing team that handles all of the home service accounts across the organization. He works to continually sharpen the team with industry knowledge, support, and tools to ensure that home services professionals increase their revenue and grow their businesses. With Josh's high energy and home services expertise, he loves to talk about leadership, motivation, taking life by the horns and crushing the goals that clients set out to accomplish.

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