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Plumber Marketing Isn't a Waste of Money: Getting More Jobs in the Pipeline

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Do you take pride in the fact that your plumbing business spends nothing or next to nothing on marketing? Do you consider “word of mouth” to be your best marketing tool? If you do have customers who are spreading the word about your plumbing business to their family and friends, that’s wonderful! That means you’re doing something right and providing your customers with excellent service.

But… that doesn’t necessarily make marketing a waste of money. In fact, by not taking advantage of the right marketing opportunities, you could be missing out on higher earning potential for your business through more jobs, better-quality jobs, and higher revenue. You may be missing out on what “could have been” had you made the right investment into your marketing.

Let’s look at an example using the fictional character Rick the plumber…

Meet Rick the Plumber

Rick owns his own plumbing business, Rick’s Master Plumbing & Drain Repair. He relies on his usual customers, their referrals, as well as anyone who happens to find him in the phone book. He also has a website he hired his brother-in-law to build a few years ago.

These sources brings in some jobs for Rick’s business, but a sporadic flow of jobs at best. Rick gets a lot of calls for small plumbing repairs, but he really wants to start taking on the jobs that are more profitable for his business, such as water heater installations, repiping projects, and main line replacements. He also wants to get more jobs in his own backyard (his local service area) so his crew doesn’t have to waste a lot of time driving.

Rick’s Decision—Will He Choose Growth?

Rick hears about Scorpion and considers hiring us to launch a brand-new website for his business, run pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Google to help get his business found in search results, and manage his company’s overall web presence. He faces two potential scenarios…

Scenario 1
He sees the cost of launching his website and running his digital campaigns and decides it’s better not to “waste” money. He doesn’t sign with Scorpion and continues business as usual.

Scenario 2
He decides to give it a shot and signs with Scorpion. After a few weeks, Rick’s Master Plumbing & Drain Repair starts getting calls from the new Scorpion website, and the call volume continues to grow over time. Because he is running ads that target online users searching for water heater installations, he starts receiving more calls for these types of jobs. Also, because his ads target specific zip codes, these jobs are local.

Rick soon finds that he’s getting more of the types of jobs he wants, and he’s seeing a good return on his investment. Let’s just say he’s getting 4x ROI. This means his online marketing efforts are bringing 4 times what they cost. Rick’s business is now better off than it would have been had he never invested in his online marketing!

What Scorpion Did for Eco Plumbers

Here at Scorpion, our home service marketing experts have helped numerous plumbing companies improve their online presence and grow their businesses through smart digital strategies. One of our clients—Eco Plumbers in Columbus, Ohio—saw the following results after just one month of launching their website and digital campaigns with Scorpion:

  • 85% increase in website visitors
  • 280.7% increase in mobile visitors
  • 46.7% increase in conversion rate for their PPC
  • 91 new jobs

By Eco Plumbers’ third month with Scorpion, they saw a 24.8% increase in new customers and opened a second location. We love it when we can help plumbing businesses like Eco Plumbers generate more jobs and achieve their growth goals!

It’s Your Turn to Decide

Do you want your plumbing business to just “get by,” or do you want it to grow and reach its full potential? If you want to see just how successful your business can be, contact Scorpion. We would love the chance to chat with you about how you can use plumber marketing to own your backyard and become the go-to plumbing business in your local area!