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As a roofing professional, your business’ lifeblood comes from leads. The more leads you get, the more your revenue will climb. Unfortunately, many business owners are caught in a difficult position. The only way to generate leads is through marketing...but many roofers are too busy with appointments to generate leads every month. What happens to many businesses is they don’t begin marketing until their leads have dried up. You can’t afford to let that happen to you, but you don’t need to worry: that's where Scorpion comes in. We've helped thousands of professionals achieve success on a massive scale, generating more leads than they know how to handle. We make sure you consistently get appointments, freeing up your time to do what you do best!

Your Solution for Marketing

At Scorpion, we don’t settle for weak leads or fruitless calls. Our goal is to increase your roofing company’s revenue, constantly seeking ways to increase your return on investment and make every lead as profitable as possible. Our innovative reporting system allows you to easily see how our efforts have helped your business, including how much each lead you on average.

And that’s just one of the major tools we offer. Scorpion also offers:


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