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Who We Serve

Marketing for All Home Service Professionals

Online marketing is the most important marketing your home service business will ever need. People are no longer looking to TV ads or newspaper inserts to determine the businesses they call—they’re using search engines. There are over 1.3 trillion searches conducted every year on Google, and many of those searches are people looking for local businesses. Over 25% of those searches will use the search engine’s results to directly contact your business. If you want to receive more calls and more appointments, you need Internet marketing. That’s where we enter the picture. Since 2001, Scorpion has been helping home service businesses achieve incredible success. We are a full-service marketing firm that builds your business a new website and creates a marketing campaign from the ground up to drive traffic to your site.


Scorpion has helped turn our plumbing clients into the biggest, most profitable businesses in their service areas! Since our company was founded, we've worked with experienced plumbers and companies of all sizes, helping them find the jobs they wanted at a lower cost-per-lead than any other internet marketer. Our systems, our expertise, and our passion for helping you build your business are what make us an invaluable resource for plumbers nationwide.

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"Not only have they delivered on their promises but we feel like part of the Scorpion family. We are proud to have Scorpion marketing our business." Tiffany Gomez Miracle Plumbing, LLC

Heating & Air Conditioning

With fierce competition and a high cost-per-lead, internet marketing for HVAC companies is best left to the experts. Scorpion has spent years working with the biggest heating and AC businesses in the industry, developing our knowledge and systems to create highly-efficient campaigns. Whether you're looking for residential installation jobs or maintenance contracts for offices and apartments, Scorpion has the expertise you need to take your business to the next level.

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"The layout of the website is amazing, the mobile site is great, everything is beautiful!" John Cornett American Mechanical

Water Heaters

Water heater businesses thrive when their marketing has two things: efficiency and immediacy. The experts at Scorpion know how to put your business in front of the people who need new water heaters, who are researching water heaters, and who need emergency service at all hours of the night. Emergencies don't sleep and our clients don't sleep—we make sure your campaign never sleeps either.

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