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Electrician Marketing: Putting More Power into Your Web Presence


People don’t search for home service professionals the way they used to—they’ve . gone from flipping through phone books to scrolling on a smartphone to find a nearby service provider within seconds. And they have gone from primarily getting referrals from family and friends to looking up reviews on sites such as Yelp.

According to a Google-sponsored study, 80% people use search engines (like Google or Bing) to gather information about local businesses. In addition to that, a 2015 survey by BrightLocal shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews.

Is Your Electrical Contractor Business Missing Out on Jobs?

Unfortunately, many home service providers—including electricians—still haven’t fully embraced online marketing. There are many who either don’t have a website or who have an extremely outdated one. Even with a solid website, there are a number of other online marketing strategies that are key to staying competitive in your city.

How many jobs are you losing because of a poor online presence? Are your target customers easily finding information about your services online, and do they like what they see? Or is your marketing falling short and actually driving away potential business?

If you don’t have a powerful Internet marketing strategy in place, you could be passing up high-quality jobs right in your own backyard, especially as the need for electricians increases. Data from the U.S. Department of labor shows that demand for electricians is projected to grow by 14% between 2014 and 2024, as cited by the Los Angeles Times. There’s business to be had—it’s just a matter of capturing it!

Here are a few key strategies you can use to power up your web presence:

  • A modern, mobile-friendly website to improve your online visibility
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to get you found by the right audience
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads in the search results to drive more traffic to your website
  • Online reputation management that improves your online listings and reviews, which helps to boost your presence in local searches
  • A strong social media presence to boost engagement with potential customers and build awareness about your services

Why Have an Electrician Website?

With a professional website, you get online visibility, credibility, a chance to sway potential customers’ hiring decisions, and more. In most cases, your electrician website will be the potential customer’s first encounter with you and your business. If you manage that first impression right, you may get a new customer out of it.

There is a lot that goes into creating a competitive and successful website, from its design to its content to its compatibility with mobile devices. This is why it is so important to work with a professional website design company that uses the most up-to-date web design and development practices, as well as one that understands the marketing needs of your specific industry.

Our electrician marketing team at Scorpion can provide you with an expertly designed website and competitive digital marketing campaigns to help get more jobs, grow your business, and beat your competitors. Contact us to discuss your options!

To learn more about the electrician marketing strategies discussed in this post, download our free e-book.