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Reporting & Analytics

We help you take the guesswork out of web marketing.

“The Dashboard has been the best marketing tool we’ve used in the past five years. It’s easy to use and provides the level of detail we need to evaluate all our marketing efforts.”

- Michelle M. Deacon The Grounds Guys, East King County

Straightforward & Precise Reporting

Marketing is a numbers game. Often, what works and what doesn't can be easily quantified. Whether this is in the form of knowing which keywords drive actions on your website to help write marketing collateral or quickly testing different landing pages to help guide a larger design objective, we know that numbers don't lie. We believe in transparency not just because it breeds trust, but because we know the value in showing you everything. It's not up to us to decide what information is important to you and what isn't—that's for you to tell us. We know that data without action is meaningless, so we'll be there every step of the way to either do the heavy lifting for you or give you the tools necessary to make changes on your own. If you would like to learn more, simply give us a call today!


Our Work

The Eco Plumbers Columbus Plumber Website
"They have generated more leads than anybody else we've ever used for this same service."
- Aaron Gaynor The Eco Plumbers
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Aire Serv San Antonio San Antonio Heating and AC Website
"Literally, all of my weekend calls, my after-hour calls - every one that comes in, they are finding me because they're searching the internet."
- David Adams Aire Serv San Antonio
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Atlantic Coast Appliance Appliance Repair Website
"Would recommend this company without hesitation to any service business looking to increase their online profile, leads, and have an outstanding ROI."
- Bill Gray Atlantic Coast Appliance
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The Grounds Guys of Calvert County Landscaping Website
"They're helping me achieve my goals, and they're helping me feed my family and all the people I employ."
- Jonathan Eddinger The Grounds Guys of Calvert County
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Delta Commercial Roofing Los Angeles Roofing Website
"I LOVE this product—it's BRILLIANT. It's like I get to take my mind off of marketing. There is a professional team on our side who is always available to help and I can put my energies into other things. You guys are OUTRAGEOUSLY WONDERFUL!"
- Mark Webb Delta Commercial Roofing
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Mr. Appliance Appliance Repair Website
"You've been creating great ROI for us and that's exactly what we need. I would recommend Scorpion to anyone."
- Scott Stewart Mr. Appliance
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Pro Power Services Electrical Contractor Website
"I hired a true professional. Now it gives me more peace of mind and money in my pocket."
- Joe Ursini Pro Power Services
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Five Star Painting Painting Website
"Scorpion made it really, really easy. I've had people tell me I have a beautiful website."
- Courtney Issac Five Star Painting
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What Exactly Can You Track?

With our technology, we make it easy for you to get the data that you need about everything that we are doing for you. Just some of what you’ll be able to find on our platform:

  • Data about traffic to your website
  • Who contacted your business and when
  • What device people are using to contact you
  • Insight into your online reputation
  • What keywords are performing the best
  • And much, much more

We provide the data that you need to get an honest evaluation of your campaign, allowing us to work with you to strategize, make decisions, and work toward real results—not vague hopes.


Happy Client

“After Scorpion launched the website, there was a steady stream of calls. They were calls that hit the nail on the head of exactly the customer I wanted to reach.” - Joe Ursini Pro Power Services

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