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Why Your Home Service Business Needs Pay Per Click Advertising


Advertising your business in today’s online world may seem overwhelming at times, but once you understand the basics of Internet advertising, it’s pretty straightforward. By now, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and the importance of keywords on your website. What you might be less familiar with, however, is pay per click advertising (PPC).

What is PPC Advertising?

You may not realize it, but you see PPC ads every time you search for something on Google or Bing. PPC ads are located at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs), as well as along the right side of these pages. If you type “air conditioning repair” into Google’s search box and hit enter, a list of results will appear – and the first few listings displayed on the page will be PPC ads. You will also find more PPC ads located in a vertical column along the right side of the page. PPC listings are labeled with a small, yellow “ad” icon, indicating a paid advertisement.

What Happens When PPC Ads Are Clicked?

When you click on a featured PPC link, it takes you to the company’s website, just like a non-advertised link would. However, every time a person clicks on a PPC ad, the company that placed the ad is charged for the click. For instance, if you click on the PPC ad for XYZ Air Conditioning, Google will charge XYZ Company a predetermined amount for the click. The amount charged will reflect the amount that was “bid” by the company. This could mean $1 or $100 per click, depending on how much competition exists for the specific keywords targeted.

Why Pay for Clicks?

When customers search for the type of services your business offers, they’ll likely use certain keywords rather than a specific company name. Google provides each customer with search results most relevant to the keywords entered.

Depending on the quality of your website and other SEO-related factors (i.e. external links, keywords, etc.) your business could end up at the bottom of page 10 or the top of page 1 in organic (non-paid) search results. And because most people don’t look past page 1 when searching online, it’s important to get page-1 rank. This is the best way to ensure your business is found and you get the calls / jobs you need. Investing in a PPC advertising campaign is the quickest way to get your business ranking at the top of the search page.

How Do I Reach the Top?

In print advertising, the bigger the ad, the more it costs. In online advertising, it’s all about location, location, location! PPC ads attract attention due to their placement on the results page – and they’re noticed instantly, simply because they’re at the very top or offset to the right of the page.

PPC ads are an effective advertising option for any size business because placement is not entirely based on who pays the most for the location. Google uses an auction system to determine the cost of each ad. Factors used to determine whether or not a business ad wins the bid:

  • Number of clicks the ad may receive
  • Quality of the page the ad links to
  • Relevance of the keywords
  • How well an ad is formatted

As long as your minimum bid is more than the cost of the keyword you’re targeting, the above factors will factor into whether or not your ad is chosen in the auction process.

How Do I Start a PPC Campaign?

To create an effective PPC campaign, you need to determine a daily budget, identify which services / products to feature, and choose relevant keywords (keywords customers may use to find your business). While the basics of PPC advertising are simple, you need a marketing team to really help you dominate the online advertising game.

Without a solid understanding of how to target relevant customers, your PPC ads will waste money on useless clicks. You need an online marketing team that can properly run your PPC advertising campaign while you focus on running your business. At Scorpion, we do exactly that. Contact us today to learn more about our online marketing and PPC advertising strategies.

For even more information about marketing your home service business online, download our free guide: Online Marketing 101 for Home Service Business Owners.

About the Author
Travis Carter is VP of Sales at Scorpion. As former President of a home improvement and flooring company in Ohio for many years, Travis is passionate about ensuring that home service companies have the online marketing campaigns they need to stay ahead of the digital curve. Travis loves the creative process, whether its film concepts, dancing, acting, or singing – he’s an entertainer at heart! He even had a record deal in high school as part of a boy band. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 7 kids…yes, 7!