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How to Get More Jobs Using Paid Search


As more home services professionals turn to the Internet for marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more competitive. In the past, getting jobs online was as simple as having a website and putting enough keywords on it to rank.

This isn’t the case anymore. Not even close. In order to get enough online leads today, you need a comprehensive marketing plan—one that includes not only SEO, but also online paid advertising.

Do the Math: How Much Do You Want to Spend in Online Paid Advertising?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising, which is placing ads on search engines such as Google, is an investment, especially for HVAC, roofers, plumbers, and other home services companies. According to experts, industry terms such as “air conditioning repair” and “emergency plumber” are some of the most competitive PPC targets. If you want to create an effective strategy, you’ll need to start with setting your daily budget.

Let’s say your daily budget is $500 and the average cost per click (how much it costs every time someone clicks on your PPC ad) is $20. In this scenario, you can expect 25 clicks per day. If your site has a 5% click to conversion rate (which is considered very healthy for paid advertising), you would accumulate an average of 1.25 new customers per day.

If you need more customers than this, consider targeting cheaper keyword terms or ramping up your daily budget.

Target the Right Home Services Keywords

Many home services companies—especially ones with in-house PPC management—implement a trial-and-error strategy to figure out which keywords get the best results. If you work with an online marketing vendor, fine-tuning your keywords strategy can take a fraction of the time because your marketing company will already have a general idea of the following:

  • Which keywords are the most expensive
  • Which terms are the most lucrative
  • How much you’ll need to spend

In some cases, you may be able to get more home services leads by targeting less expensive terms. Long-tail search terms (searches that include a phrase or question) are usually more cost efficient than shorter, core terms like “HVAC company” or “roofing service.” Consider targeting more specific search terms to maximize potential leads.

Turning Clicks into Clients

An effective PPC campaign is all about getting clicks, right? Not exactly. Bringing people to your website is only half the battle. Once they arrive, you have to convince them to contact your home services company, or what is called a “conversion.” The conversion process is actually twofold: prompting searchers to click on your ad, then persuading them that your service is the best choice for their needs.

What does effective ad copy look like?

  • Use your keywords in the ad copy (Commercial Landscape Design)
  • Include marketing points in the ad (BBB A+ Rated Since 1981)
  • Provide an incentive (10% Off with Installation)
  • Incorporate a call-to-action (Get in Touch with Us Today!)

Now that you’re bringing more visitors to your site with effective ads, how do you get them to schedule a consultation? The answer is simple: Create a great landing page. Your landing page is the specific web page visitors land on when they click on your ad. This is your chance to make a solid first impression, so provide the information potential customers want, and prompt them to pick up the phone or send an email.

A successful landing page typically includes:

  • A clear message letting visitors know they found what they’re looking for (Emergency Appliance Repair, Weekend Air Conditioning Service, etc.)
  • Marketing points that make your home services business unique (Tell visitors why you and your company are qualified to help them.)
  • Contact information (It’s best to provide multiple ways for visitors to get in touch, because everyone has different preferences.)

Once you give visitors the information they need, you can provide additional information about your services, professional experience, and specializations.

If you follow the steps above:

  • Set an online advertising budget
  • Target the right keywords
  • Use effective ad copy
  • Deploy landing pages

…you’ll be well on your way to getting more jobs from the Internet!