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Reaching Your Goal: Converting Visitors into Clients


While marketing techniques of years ago relied on radio, television, and print advertisements, today a business cannot expect to get by without a solid online presence. From an informative website to interaction on social media platforms, any business needs to conduct a large portion of their marketing on the Internet. Once you have a website and social presence, it is not enough to simply exist online. You must be able to use your website and social profiles to convert visitors into clients that are seeking your specific brand and product.

How can you convert clients, you ask? While it can be difficult to gauge what your customer is looking for exactly, there are some reliable methods and forms of encouragement that can be used to help you push your visitors in the right direction. Utilizing these methods is one step in the right direction to drive business to your company. Below, I highlight some of the ways that you, as provider of important home services, can turn potential clients into actual clients.

How to Take Your Home Service Company’s Online Presence to the Next Level

What does your website look like? Has it been updated in the last year or two? Consider the types of businesses that gain traction, or even look at your competitor’s online presence. Sharp, modern, and informative websites help draw in the consumer and active and engaging Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles show that you can provide what people are looking for. A client is going to want to see that you are able to be a fit for their needs and provide reliable work for whatever service you are hired for. Easy to find information and a willingness to engage your potential clientele is going to make clients more willing to reach out to you. You never know what will turn people away, so you want to take as many steps as possible to prevent that from happening.

Investing the money in a snazzy website and spending some time on social media can go a long way in engaging customers. However, this is not enough. Wondering where to begin? There are some steps you can take to help ensure that visitors to your site remember you when they need a reliable company to help them around the house.

Your Website & Social Media Looks Good...Now What?

1. Wisely Utilize Content Development

People are visiting your website because you are providing a service that you need. The first step for any online presence is to give the people what they want. Sites that don’t have a clear plan, that do not outline a particular service, or do not have quality information are useless to a client. Being able to confidently speak on your services and provide advice and knowledge to a potential customer can help show that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re the right person to hire for their home service needs.

Storytelling is a great way to engage clients in content. Try writing a blog post where you walk your reader through a challenging or funny home services story that you have handled. Stories are easier to read for many people, plus you can show your skill as a service provider in this context. You can even speak to some apprehensions that your clients may have when hiring your company through these stories. The more you can convince the reader to trust your judgment and your work, the more likely you will be the person they call when they are in need.

Along these lines, utilizing a blog can be extremely valuable in showing why your home services company is the right one for the job. Content on your website can get stale; unless something within the field is changing, there is a limited amount of unique information you can bring to the table. The key lies in blog content. More informal than website content, blogs can be used to comment on relevant topics, inform clients of relevant news, and keep the information you provide from becoming stale. You can use current events to appeal to your customers and what their interests are while linking to the services you provide. Being able to show your clients that you are knowledgeable, informed, and engaged in the field can go a long way in proving why you should be trusted with their home!

2. Get Clients As Close As Possible in Just a Few Steps

One of the best ways to get someone to contact you as a client is by getting him or her as close to the end before asking them to pay. The purpose of this is twofold; first, it gives clients a taste of what you’re offering before you ask them to commit and second, it gets them involved in the process before they even realize that they’re involved.

Many home service companies accomplish this goal by offering free evaluations through their website. When a potential client fills out a form with their contact information, it allows a company to call and speak with them in person, providing some insight into their situation before offering services. By the time the client gets on the phone with you or into your office, they are engaged in the process, which makes them more likely to choose you when the time comes to pick home service company.

Think about the types of services you purchase or subscribe to. How many of them allowed you a sample of their services before asking you to commit? Stores utilize these methods by offering free samples, showing you what you can purchase and showing that you like their products encourages you to return to that product when it’s time to check out. It’s the small steps that make you willing to take a chance rather than purchasing the entire product up front. Same for your home services company. Take appropriate steps at making your clients engaged and interested in the services you offer.

3. Provide Social Proof of Your Services

Appealing to your client base may involve providing social proof of the services you offer. As a home services provider, this is not as difficult as it may seem. Social proof means showing that someone just like your client has used your services, been successful in their use, and would recommend you to others. Testimonials and hard numbers help your case. People want to see that you can help them, and the more that can relate, the more they will use your services.

4. Understand Your Client Base

The people visiting your website and social profiles are not simply nameless beings. There is a history and back-story bringing them to you! One of the most important things you will be able to do is understand your client base and their needs. The messaging that your site and social media conveys will impact who is utilizing you. For example, emergency services that your clients need will also require content and social messaging that promotes urgency, but long-term projects you may be offering will need more relaxed, informative language.

5. Provide Instant Gratification

We live in an instant world. Looking for information is literally instantaneous; simply pulling out a phone can yield numerous answers. Instant gratification allows your clients to feel important and valued, showing that their needs are your primary concern. Some home services companies offer 24-hour services to appeal to their clients in need, others may be able to compensate by linking to their Twitter or personal email, showing that clients can get in contact with them when they need an urgent answer.

Going hand-in-hand with the idea of instant gratification is urgency. Make a client feel like acting immediately is more beneficial than waiting. One common example is a plumbing company explaining the importance of ensuring proper piping before the winter months. Clients will realize that they need to take action within a limited time frame, and you can provide that help.

6. Novelty Is Key

You’re trying to market your home services company and, especially if you live in a larger city, dozens of other businesses are trying to do the same thing. So how can you make yourself stand out? Novelty. What can you offer your clients that no other company is offering? People love the idea of being the first to be involved in something, whether it be a new product or something that has undergone a rebranding (look at a company like Apple, which rebranded and constantly updates their services).

One example that can work for you is a mobile app. Encouraging potential clients to download an app provides a service that other companies may not be utilizing and also keeps you on their mind when they use that app. For example, an app that allows a client to schedule an immediate service can keep them willing to reuse your business, since it’s both at their fingertips and makes their routine maintenance a quick and easy push of the button

Converting clients is a fine art that needs to be deliberately established but remember, there are many things that can affect a client’s conversion. Knowing your clientele will be the strongest indicator of what you may need to do for conversion. If you may be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of self-marketing, there are companies that can help you out! Scorpion Design has helped hundreds of clients across the United States. Contact us today to speak with a representative who can discuss what your marketing needs may be.