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Offering an extensive range of residential and commercial services, The Plumbing Authority had the tools, talent, team, and temperament for any job, big or small. Unfortunately, all those positives weren’t enough to consistently attract new customers, which is why the business struggled to grow.

  • Main Service Area: Plumbing
  • Challenge: Being invisible in the local community.
  • Location: Knoxville, TN
The plumbing authority's website on 3 mobile phones.

The Challenge

For years, The Plumbing Authority delivered impeccable service to its customers across the area of greater Knoxville, Tennessee. Yet, in spite of that exceptional service, the business struggled to create a lasting impression in the community.

Yes, there were phone calls from customers. Yes, there were new jobs to take.
But the business felt stagnant.

Sick and tired of lagging growth, The Plumbing Authority, decided to make a change.

“We did good work...our guys were clean cut...we delivered incredible customer service...yet we still felt invisible in the community. ”

  • Kelton Balka, Licensed Plumber, The Plumbing Authority

The Solution
1. Moving away from under performing programs

“What I love most about you guys is that you always give us the best advice for our business...even if that advice won’t bring you a dime.”

  • Kelton Balka, Licensed Plumber, The Plumbing Authority
The plumbing authority's website on an IPad.

2. Local video engagement packages

“Your team has opened doors for our company that we didn’t even know existed.”

Kelton Balka, Licensed Plumber, The Plumbing Authority
A screenshot of the plumbing authority's website.

3. Technology to track the return on investment

“You’re the first company I’ve ever worked with that puts my money and my profits ahead of its own." 
Kelton Balka, Licensed Plumber, The Plumbing Authority

The Outcome

  • Number of new employees hired this year 5
  • number of new customers acquired through a new website 419
  • increase in average ticket value from a scorpion lead vs average ticket 200%

It’s been a less than a year since The Plumbing Authority decided to make BIG changes to its marketing strategy. In that time, the company has not only improved its reputation in the greater Knoxville region, it’s also brought more calls, more leads, and more customers to its business than ever before.

How has The Plumbing Authority been able to accomplish so much is such a short amount of time?

We’ll let plumber Kelton Balka tell you in his own words...

Kelton Balka in His Own Words

"We absolutely LOVE you anytime we think about working with another partner or another third-party business we ask ourselves, ‘Is this a Scorpion?"

Kelton Balka Licensed Plumber, The Plumbing Authority
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