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Pete Stefanello and Shane Mays had all the right experience and determination to start a successful landscaping company—but what they were lacking was a sure way to get their phone ringing with new business. Find out how they used the Internet to keep their phone ringing and increase their revenue by 76% year-over-year!

  • Client Industry: Landscaping
  • Challenge: Building exposure for a new business and getting calls
  • Location: Acton, CA
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The Challenge

When Pete Stefanello and Shane Mays teamed up to start their own landscaping business, Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services, they made the perfect team.

Pete (a 20-year veteran in the landscaping industry) headed the company’s operations as the Landscape Contractor, mainly working in the field and overseeing the company’s service team. Meanwhile, Shane (also experienced in the trade and certified in residential electrical lighting and lighting design) became the Program Manager, working both in the field and behind the scenes running the business.

Combining their industry know-how with their dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, Pete and Shane had everything they needed to build a thriving business—except one important component...their marketing.

Pete and Shane knew they needed a website to promote their services if they wanted to compete, but they didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do it themselves, so they hired a web designer to build them a site.

But the site failed to bring in new business because it wasn’t getting any traffic.

So, Pete and Shane hired a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to boost their rankings in Google and Bing search results. They were assured the website would start generating calls in 6-8 months.

But the calls never came.

That’s when Pete and Shane decided to buckle down and do their research for a reputable and reliable Internet marketing company that could actually get them:

- Better visibility on the Internet.
- More calls from local residents interested in their services.
- More high-quality jobs that would allow them to grow their business.

“The decision to hire our digital marketing company was really scary—the cost we were going to be paying per year was a lot of money, and it was our first major investment as a new business. Fortunately, it ended up being the right decision because to this day, we get an amazing return on investment from our marketing.”

—Shane Mays, Co-Owner at Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services

The Solution 
Creating a professional website that gives local homeowners confidence in the business.

“We received our first call from the Internet within just two days of launching our new website, and we’ve kept the phone ringing ever since.”

—Shane Mays, Co-Owner at Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services

Leafs-U-Green's website on an iPad.

Running digital ads to capture the attention of potential customers and bring in high-quality jobs. 

“With our Internet marketing, we’ve been able to secure higher-value jobs. Our biggest job so far was a $250,000 complete landscaping and installation project.”

—Shane Mays, Co-Owner at Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services

A screenshot of the Leaf-U-Green's website and a Google PPC ad.

Using the right tools to make their lives easier and their marketing more efficient.

“Because our calls are always being recorded, I can easily take calls when I’m on the road. I can just talk to the customer while I’m driving—I don’t have to pull over so I can write down their name, number, and address.” 
—Shane Mays, Co-Owner at Leafs-U-Green Landscape Services

The Results

  • Web-Driven Leads Since Launching the New Site 1000+
  • Year-Over-Year Increase in Annual Revenue 76%
  • Average Lead-to-Sales Conversion Rate 60%
  • Highest-Value Job from the Internet $250,000

With a capable digital marketing partner on their side, Pete and Shane were able to get a steady flow of new business for Leafs-U-Green.

But in addition to calls, jobs, and revenue, they secured something else of value, too—more freedom to focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of running their business.

And that’s because they have a partner they know they can count on…


Hear from Shane Mays

"I never have to call my marketing manager at Scorpion to check in on my online marketing because he calls me first with updates and suggestions for improving my campaigns. Whenever I ask for something, it’s usually done within a day or two. The fact that I’m not even thinking about what needs to be done for my marketing on a day-to-day basis is HUGE for me. There are so many responsibilities I’m constantly juggling. When it comes to marketing, I know it’s being handled, so I don’t have to worry about it."

Shane Mays Co-Owner, Leafs-U-Green
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