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With no money saved up for a new business, Chris and Lindsay Jerolaman took a risk when they opened CJ’s Heating & Cooling. Knowing they needed to immediately start generating a consistent flow of calls and jobs, they hired a digital marketing company—but that company dropped the ball big time. Find out how they started making a reliable income!

  • Client Industry: HVAC
  • Challenge: Getting a new HVAC company’s phone to ring with new jobs
  • Location: Wind Gap, PA
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The Challenge

After 15 years of working in the HVAC industry and seeing company after company cut corners and lie to customers, Chris Jerolaman was sick of it.

One day, he finally had the last straw and did what he’d been dreaming of for years—he quit his job and went into business for himself.

Chris wanted to create an HVAC company that truly put customers first—a business that always delivered honest quotes, quality workmanship, and a VIP service experience. That’s when Chris started CJ’s Heating & Cooling with his wife, Lindsay.

There was only one problem…

When Chris quit his job, he and Lindsay didn’t have a SINGLE cent saved away for launching the new business.

With four kids at home, the Chris and Lindsay knew they had no choice but to make the business a success, even with their nonexistent capital.

Chris and Lindsay got their first few jobs through word of mouth, and then they used that initial revenue to buy ads on home services directory sites like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List—but for months, the success from these ads were hit or miss.

That’s when Lindsay decided to explore another approach—she hired a digital marketing company to build a website for CJ’s Heating & Cooling. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s plan didn’t go quite as she had hoped...she ended up shutting down the new site within 24 hours of its launch.

Not only did the website look like it was one of those $100, build-it-yourself sites with zero thought or creativity poured into in its design, but it was generating the wrong types of leads. While Lindsay had made it painfully clear that CJ’s Heating Cooling wasn’t licensed to work in New Jersey, every single call that came from the site was for a job from that area.

It was obvious her marketing company hadn’t listened to a word she had said.

Lindsay knew she didn’t have time to work with a marketing company that she had to babysit, so she fired them and found a new partner.

“We started CJ’s Heating & Cooling on a hope and a prayer with $0 in starting capital, so it was a real struggle. We realized that if we wanted to stay in business, we had to find a marketing company that really knew what they were doing.”

—Lindsay Jerolaman, CJ’s Heating & Cooling

The Solution
A beautifully designed website that positions the business as a #1 HVAC provider.

“The difference was like night and day. We went from having a really generic website to a site with a flawless layout and design that makes us stand out from our competition. The website has done a lot to boost the professional image of our business.”

—Lindsay Jerolaman, CJ’s Heating & Cooling

An image of the client's website on an iPad.

Digital marketing that gets seen by homeowners in the right communities

“Now we’re finally getting calls from customers in the areas we serve—and they’re looking for the exact types of services we want to focus on as a company.”

—Lindsay Jerolaman, CJ’s Heating & Cooling

An image of the client's website and a Google ad.

A reliable team that works around the clock to help the business succeed.

“I don’t think my marketing manager sleeps. We’re three hours ahead (since we’re on the East Coast), and he still responds immediately to all my emails...My marketing manager handles all the logistics of my website and digital advertising, so I don’t have to do a thing. It’s a major time-saver.” 
—Lindsay Jerolaman, CJ’s Heating & Cooling

The Results

  • Average Search Page Ranking 1st Page
  • Immediate Increase in calls 1st Month
  • Added to the service team 1 New Tech

When CJ’s Heating & Cooling signed up with their new marketing company, they didn’t just get a company that could build them a website; they got a collaborative marketing partner that made their day-to-day lives easier and helped them grow their business. Lindsay says that makes them worth every penny.

Who is that marketing partner? None other than...


Hear from Lindsay Jerolaman

"Every month, when I get my bill from Scorpion, I don’t mind paying it because I know we’re always going to get it back (and more) in new business. Scorpion delivers a higher return on investment than any other marketing company we’ve ever worked with!"

Lindsay Jerolaman CJ's Heating & Cooling
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