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Our Vision: Dream Big, Then Make It Happen

If you’re looking for a marketing partner for your business, you’ll want to know that they understand you and your goals. At Scorpion, we’ve worked with thousands of home service professionals in a wide variety of industries, and we’ve helped countless businesses achieve incredible success.

The only reason we’ve achieved so much is because we believe in what we do.

We’re not like any other company you have worked with. Our team never settles for second-best or lets mediocrity define us. When we work with clients, we fight to get them quality leads and revenue. We’re not happy until you’re succeeding in your business, driving appointments and revenue through the roof. We do all this while providing you with honest reporting that lets you know where your marketing dollars are going.

Why fight so hard to exceed your expectations and help you succeed? Because we want to be the best. And we want you to be the best too. Whatever amount of calls or leads you’re looking for, Scorpion can help take you there. If you’re willing to dream big, we’ll be there to dream big right alongside you—and use all of our resources and expertise to make it happen. That's who Scorpion is, every week, every month, and every year.

Our Culture

At Scorpion, we don’t let ourselves become complacent. We are always fighting to be better than who we were last week, accomplish more today than we did yesterday, and bring our clients to new heights every month. We give everything we have in all that we do, and that attitude is captured in three simple words: “Dial it up.” When we dial it up, that means we are firing on all cylinders to get you as many calls, leads, and appointments as you can handle.


We’re committed to doing things that matter—for our company, for our clients, and for the community. Scorpion Cares was created in 2012 as a way for us to contribute to local and national charities. Through event sponsorship, charity competitions, and volunteering, we’re always finding new and fun ways to give back.

Our Philosophy

Scorpions are big dreamers—that’s just who we are. In 2001 we began as a two-man web design company, and now we’re a full-service online marketing firm with hundreds of team members. You don’t get to where we are by aiming low. Today, things aren’t much different: we still set big goals, and we encourage our clients to do the same. Now, though, the goals have only gotten bigger. We aim high and achieve higher, and we want our home service professionals to do the same.

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