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Survey: What Customers Want When Shopping for Plumbing, HVAC, & Tree Services Online


What is it that makes people choose one home service professional over another? What drives them to actually pick up the phone and set up an appointment? Here at Scorpion, we ran a Google Consumer Survey to find out. We asked 500 participants questions about what matters most them when they are searching online for a plumber, HVAC company, or tree services provider. Here are our questions we asked and the answers we received…

What is most important to you?

When looking for a plumber:

  • 1st: Affordable Services (24.8%)
  • 2nd: Same-Day Service (19.7%)
  • 3rd: Upfront Pricing (15.9%)

When looking for an HVAC company:

  • 1st: Affordable Services (31.7%)
  • 2nd: Guaranteed Work & Parts (16.9%)
  • 3rd: Free In-Home Estimate (14.6%)

When looking for tree services:

  • 1st: Upfront Pricing (36.4%)
  • 2nd: Free Estimates (27.4%)
  • 3rd: Full-Service Tree Care (11.9%)

Would you be more likely to call or fill out a form?

When looking for a plumber: Call (69%)

When looking for an HVAC company: Call (69.4%)

When looking for tree services: Call (63.2%)

Customizing Your Digital Marketing to Your Audience

Based on the survey results above, plumbing, HVAC, and tree service customers place a lot of value on savings, immediate service, and transparency in pricing. You should keep these factors in mind to best appeal to your audience when marketing your business, whether through your website or through online ads.

Do you have a customer base that cares most about free in-home estimates? Try including attractive call-to-action buttons on your website that prominently feature your free estimates, and draw attention to this information in other areas of your website. Do you have customers who care most about upfront pricing? Make sure to incorporate this information into your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Meanwhile, if you have customers who are more likely to contact you by phone, you should draw attention to the fact that your business is readily available for calls and fast to respond. If you are running PPC ads, you can even take advantage of digital ad features such as click-to-call buttons (making it easy for customers to call you with a click of a button) and location extensions that show your business’s phone number with your ads.

Knowledge Is Power: How to Learn More About Your Customers

The more you know about your target customers, the more effective you’ll be in creating online marketing campaigns that capture their attention and get them to use your services. There are many ways you can expand your knowledge in this area.

A few examples include:

  • Surveys of your existing customer base
  • Development of customer personas (analysis of who your average customer is and what drives him/her)
  • A/B testing in your marketing campaigns (testing which site/campaign features your web visitors respond to best)
  • General industry research

If you need a more cutting-edge website and digital marketing strategy that will get you the types of jobs you’re looking for, call Scorpion. Our home service marketing specialists can give you the strategies and tools you need to improve your online presence and turn your web visitors into customers!

To learn more about how to best leverage your home service business online, download our free guide for managing your online reviews.