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3 Commonsense Healthcare Tips That Apply to Your Hospital’s Web Presence


Is your hospital’s web presence alive and kicking, or does it need life support? If you’re website and ad campaigns are looking a little lethargic, you may need to rethink your strategy so you can get your website and online campaigns back to good health. It’s easier than you think—just follow the same commonsense steps you would take when caring for your own health…

Ignoring your symptoms won’t make your issue disappear. Get the problem checked out!

Just like with poor health, a poorly designed website and weak digital marketing strategy exhibit their own symptoms, such as:

  • High bounce rates (people leaving your hospital site after just one page view)
  • Low volumes of new website visitors
  • Poor organic ranking in search engines
  • Low click volumes or conversion rates on your ads
  • Drops in the number of new patients, calls, appointments, etc.

When you start noticing these signs, don’t ignore them—that will only exacerbate the problem. Take action right away to find out what is negatively impacting your website and ad performance.

Get regular checkups to stay on top of your health.

Don’t just wait until your situation gets dire to see a doctor (or an Internet marketing specialist). By undergoing regular wellness checkups and screenings, you can spot health issues early on before they develop into more serious conditions and diseases.

The same rule applies to your hospital’s digital marketing. The Internet and website technology are rapidly evolving, so neglecting your site will only put your hospital further behind the curve. It’s best to update your website every couple of years. You should also monitor your organic search engine rankings and online ad performance on an ongoing basis.

Here at Scorpion, we are always monitoring our hospital clients’ online marketing and advertising campaigns and making adjustments as needed to improve their performance. We also keep our client informed with frequent updates about their online presence.

Leave it to the specialists.

Doctors and healthcare specialists have undergone years of training and residency in their medical fields to get where they are today. That’s why we trust them with our health and our lives—they’re the experts.

Now we’re not saying we save lives… but we are Internet marketing specialists who know, live, and breathe the latest trends in Internet marketing. We have built websites and crafted strategic digital campaigns for scores of hospitals and other healthcare clients across North America. We also have a partnership with Google (as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner) due to our expertise in managing Google paid search campaigns, and our proprietary technology has even won us the Google Platform Innovator of the Year for 2016.

Yes, you can manage a lot of your hospital’s digital marketing in-house, but does your team have the expertise, resources, and time to stay ahead of the curve and keep your hospital’s online reputation at the forefront? You can significantly improve your hospital’s web presence by partnering with the right hospital marketing specialists.

For expert hospital website designers and digital marketers, contact Scorpion!