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  • Your Online Consultants & Partners

    While Scorpion offers cutting-edge technology, world-class services, and a powerful “all-in-one” approach to digital marketing, there’s one resource we believe in above all else: people. It’s people that understand how to reach and connect with your patients. People are influencers, strategizers, and game-changers. It’s people, ultimately, that are best suited for marketing to the people your hospital serves. That’s the philosophy behind Scorpion Marketing.

  • 24/7 Marketing Expertise

    Your plate is overflowing with tasks, campaigns, and events—all of which demand your full attention. We understand that. Your online marketing team should be an extension of your own marketing department, helping clear your plate and your schedule. Scorpion provides that and more. If it happens online, we’re the people you call to handle it.

    Are you being asked to market an event for your hospital or network? Our team can handle the technology and marketing push required to make your event a success. Are you responsible for the growth of multiple service lines? Your marketing partner uses their online marketing expertise to create strategies that exceed your goals, increasing your impact on your healthcare organization’s visibility and revenue

  • Search Engine Optimization & Site Health

    Your healthcare marketing team will include an SEO Manager who is responsible for ensuring that your site is optimized for maximum ranking and visibility. They coordinate content marketing in order to target your desired areas of growth, structure your site for strongest search engine exposure (as well as patient navigation), and implement updates in order to make your facility easier to find online and offline.

    If you have multiple locations or centers, their efforts will make it easy for both patients and search algorithms to find you—creating an easy and intuitive patient experience. They also create online credibility for your organization by growing a rich inventory of backlinks, making you more likely to be chosen first by the patients looking for you.

  • Content Marketing, Blogging, & Social Media

    Healthcare, at its root, is about engaging people where they need you most. Your Scorpion team will include content developers and blog writers who provide engaging and useful content on an ongoing basis. Whether you’re marketing a hospital network or an individual practitioner, good content is key to drawing in new patients with your personality, credibility, and values. Our writers are professionals who are expert in writing content that connects with your patients on a deep and influential level.

  • Increasing Your ROI with Strategic Goal-Setting

    At Scorpion, we create strategies that proactively make your job easier while making your efforts many times more effective. Your marketing team works around the clock to enhance your online visibility and effectiveness, providing recommendations to exceed your goals with higher and higher returns.

    When we work with you, we set up our relationship for long-term results. That means futurecasting with you on a regular basis, setting you up to achieve tomorrow’s goals even more effectively. As a result, our partnership doesn’t just give you steady, arithmetic returns. Working with Scorpion provides you with sustainable, aggressive growth because we build on each milestone to reach the next one.

“We absolutely love working with Scorpion!”

- Melissa Vincelet Read More Testimonials

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