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SEO & Content Marketing

Get Found. Get Results.


Website & Mobile Design

Getting Your Healthcare Website Found Online

Having a website for your hospital is important, not only to provide information to your existing patients, but reaching new patients who are searching for the best care. In order to reach those potential patients, you need a website that is easily found by Internet users using a technique known as search engine optimization (SEO). Although complicated, SEO can be described simply as the tactics that help your website appear from valuable keywords people search on search engines.

At Scorpion, we offer a unique team of experts who will constantly:

  • Monitor your rankings for the most important keywords
  • Audit your campaign for strengths and weaknesses
  • Create and execute personalized SEO strategies

Instead of trying to tackle SEO on your own, turn to a team of professionals to handle it for you!


What Is Involved in SEO?

There are countless components that all contribute to a website’s SEO.

In fact, it is often cited that Google has 200+ factors that can affect a website’s performance in organic rankings. As search engines get more and more intelligent with machine learning, that complexity is only going to grow.

That being said, factors that play into a site’s search engine rankings include:
  • Content
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Engagement
  • User Experience
  • Website Markup
  • Technical Code

...and we’ve hardly begun to scratch the surface of SEO. That’s why people can pour hours into website management and SEO without making headway. Get a head start and turn to a team of professionals who specialize in this field. Better yet, turn to someone who specializes in transparent, effective SEO. Don’t risk leaving your website open to penalty by working with a team who utilizes shortcuts, cheats, and spamming tactics. In a world that values speed over quality, work with a team who delivers both. We know the complexities of SEO, and we know how to deliver real results.


Happy Client

“This past year ATRIO Health Plans partnered with Scorpion Healthcare to help prepare for the 2017 season. In partnership with you and your team, we overhauled the 11 year old ATRIO brand and launched a new website in a record amount of time. We were desperately in need of more mature look, improved functionality, and simplified navigation.
The Scorpion team delivered an engaging experience, measurable data, and, most importantly, fantastic results. We recognized a 30% increase in traffic, a reduced average duration of time spent searching for content, and a click through rate of over 4% on our digital campaign!”

- Matt Gougler ATRIO Health Plans


Our Work

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  • “After working with other web vendors, partnering with Scorpion Healthcare to redesign all of our organization's websites has been a dream. They are a team of extremely hard-working and honest individuals and I have a high level of respect for their capabilities. When other vendors said our project scope and aggressive timeline was simply impossible, Scorpion Healthcare cheerfully accepted the challenge and delivered what we needed within budget, within the original timeline and with features we were not expecting to be complete for another number of months! Added to this was the flexibility to deal with challenges and setback as we worked through the extremely complex process of converting numerous websites on different content management systems (CMS) with various integrated systems to one common CMS. The result: Dozens of professional websites and mobile sites we are thrilled with -- which have also received national recognition.”

    - Jennifer Elliott St. Joseph Healthcare
    St. Joseph Hospital of Orange

    Orange County, CA Hospital

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  • The site is beautiful. We reviewed it with our graphic designer and he was thrilled with the design as well. We are really excited about moving forward with the project and especially look forward to seeing how it will respond on mobile devices! Thank you again for all of your hard work on this project!" - Gay Watson Ozark Medical Center
    Ozark Medical Center

    West Plains, MO Medical Center

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  • “Scorpion has been our web partner for nearly a decade. Throughout our business relationship, we have found them to be an excellent resource. So many times a company will promise excellent customer service, but after the contract is signed, the reality is far short of the promise. This has NOT been the case with Scorpion. They have been cooperative, flexible, prompt, friendly, reasonable and affordable. Best of all, they have not nickel and dimed us. I would, and do, recommend them highly. Scorpion is an excellent partner to help us establish and grow our online presence." - Don Van Buren Torrance Memorial
    Torrance Memorial Medical Center

    Torrance, CA Medical Center

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  • “If I had to start this project from the very beginning, I would pick Scorpion every time. When Ashley County Medical Center decided to build a new website, we wanted it to be “second to none,” and that is exactly what we got with Scorpion. They truly care for their clients! The care that their team continues to show us is amazing. We have weekly meetings, and if I need them sooner, I know all I have to do is call. Scorpion wants to see their clients succeed. We are so grateful to be working with Scorpion, and we are excited to see where this will take Ashley County Medical Center!” - Caitlin Martin Ashley County Medical Center
    Ashley County Medical Center

    Los Angeles, CA Medical Center

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  • “I cannot explain how much I love working with the Scorpion support team! You guys are amazingly fast and responsive, and so friendly! I have worked with a lot of IT teams in the past that pale in comparison to service you all provide. - Denise Martin Saban Community Clinic
    Saban Community Clinic

    Los Angeles, CA Community Clinic

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  • “Thank you for helping BCH realize our vision for a patient-friendly website. We are so grateful to you. Our new website is a critically-important piece of our healthcare access strategy -- and a giant leap forward for our patients and our community.I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for helping us create this stunning new website and it is a true gift to our community that will mean a great deal to the people we serve." - Jennifer Parker Boulder Community Health
    Boulder Community Health

    Colorado Medical Center

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  • “Please accept my warmest thanks for your hard work and patience in helping Humboldt General Hospital create and continue to grow a beautiful website. We are all in the customer care industry but you folks light the way. Your responsiveness is amazing. I always know that I can count on you, even when deadlines are tight. Plus, your quality—your eye for design—is exceptional. I give you my rudimentary ideas and you produce a stellar product every time. I also love your management system. It’s very intuitive and I haven’t had a “website knot” in my stomach since our partnership began. It's really nice to experience the type of care and concern that so many times we talk about but rarely see.” - Nicole Maher Humboldt General Hospital
    Humboldt General Hospital

    Winnemucca, NV Hospital

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  • “Scorpion’s helpful and knowledgeable staff has provided Anaheim Regional a streamlined process which facilitated the development of our company website with ease. Their tools for publishing made it easy for all staff members of different calibers to contribute and construct our new website, and their staff has been available at any time to assist us quickly and efficiently with any topics we have had.” - Blake Adams Anaheim Regional Medical Center
    Anaheim Regional Medical Center

    Anaheim, CA Medical Center

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