Digital Trends of Hospital Patients: 10 Stats Every Hospital Marketer Should Know Posted by Jono Scott | 3.11.16 4:55pm

As a hospital marketer, it’s essential that you understand exactly how patients are researching and interacting with your healthcare organization. Are they stumbling across your hospital’s website when they Google a certain health condition? Are they seeing your online ads? Or perhaps they’re even hearing about your hospital through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or reading about your doctors in online reviews.

In today’s Internet-focused world, it’s likely a mixture of all of the above, and more. Patients are more engaged in the online world more than ever before, which means your hospital can’t afford to settle for a mediocre digital marketing strategy.

If you would like to understand a little bit more about the online habits of patients and potential patients, here are 10 eye-opening stats:

As you can see from these statistics, your patients are using various digital paths to find healthcare services such as yours. The question is: Are these patients finding your hospital in their searches? And if they are finding you, are they impressed by what they see—enough to actually visit to your hospital? The fight for patients’ attention online is a fierce one, so you need to do everything you can to improve your hospital’s online presence, as well as your online visitors’ experience.

Your hospital marketing strategy should include:

If you’d like help in any of the areas listed above, call our hospital marketing experts at Scorpion. You can also get more tips by downloading our social media guide for healthcare providers.

About the Author
As Director of Business Development for Healthcare at Scorpion, Jono Scott helps healthcare clients find the best online marketing strategies for growing their organizations and attracting the right patients. Before joining Scorpion, Jono played a major role in building two startup businesses, which provided him with important insight into the process of marketing organizations at various stages of their development.

Jono stays up-to-date on the latest changes in Internet marketing by reading industry news and staying closely connected with his team members. He is Google AdWords-certified and is a graduate of Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand. In his spare time, Jono enjoys traveling, surfing, snowboarding, playing rugby, and being outdoors in general.