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Infographic: Online Marketing Performance for Healthcare Providers


If you take a look around your waiting room, chances are good that you’ll see nearly every patient using the internet on their smartphone. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that online searches are rapidly transforming the way people choose their healthcare providers. To underscore the importance of an effective online marketing strategy for hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, we’ve put together a helpful infographic filled with relevant industry statistics.

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Internet Use Is Only Increasing

Internet growth is showing no signs of slowing down. Current research shows that 88% of Americans use the internet on a regular basis, and more than half access the internet via their mobile phone or tablet. On the average day, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google alone, which means there are countless opportunities to get your hospital or healthcare business in front of potential patients.

Capitalize on Healthcare Searches

Of those mobile internet users we mentioned before, 62% have used their smartphones to research a health condition. In fact, 77% of potential patients will search health-related topics before reaching out to a doctor.

Eight out of 10 people searching for healthcare topics will click in the top 3 results. This means it is vitally important to market your business aggressively in order to capitalize on potential patients.

1 in 5 patients are now booking their appointments online. Stay ahead of the trend through paid search advertising.

Employ Effective Search Advertising

While a quality website and marketing campaign can help your website rank organically in the top 3 results, the most effective strategy for marketing your healthcare business is through targeted search advertisements. Among potential patients who click a paid search ad for a hospital, 21% will consider the hospital for future visits. With an effective paid-search campaign, some hospitals are converting 5% of their paid-search visitors into new patients.

We Know Healthcare Marketing

In more than 10 years of serving the healthcare community, our internet marketing experts at Scorpion Healthcare have never lost a client. Our comprehensive understanding of patient attraction strategies, paid search campaigns, search engine optimization, and the website platform design, has given us the ability to provide unparalleled service to hospitals and other healthcare businesses.

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